Upgrading v1 to newest hub (v3? 2018?)

Hi all. Long-time user of v1. Over 60 devices and system is running really slow lately and some minor quirks. Also have alexa and google integration and, frankly, it’s gotten messy. Ordered 2018 version (I assume that is v3)? I know it’s a headache, but would like to start clean. I should receive it next week. As mentioned, along with the hub, have alexa and google as part of system and I do use IFTTT. I’m using classic app, tried new one, but not everything shows on it (but TV’s do not like classic). I guess I should just restart and use new hub. So, question:

How do I remove all integration? There is enough written on here about moving from v1, but anything special to clear out alexa, IFTTT and Google Assistant? If anyone can provide a good run-down or step-by-step to make sure I don’t miss anything easy, that would be great (or point me to a good write-up). Thanks in advance.

Hey there @mmaso,

You are correct as the 2018 model is the v3 Hub. You would need to re-pair the devices to the v3 hub individually at this time.

I would recommend following up here at this thread: Migrating to a new hub

I hope this message finds you well!


the easiest and fastest way to delete everything (devices and hub v1) is in the IDE. in the app while zigbee devices might only be 2 clicks, on the other hand z-wave devices are a handful of clicks. whatever you delete, do not delete your modes on your IDE account as you cannot get those back. Modes are grandfathered.