Can't delete V1 HUB trying to migrate to new Aeotec Smart Home Hub

I just received the new AEOTEC Smart HomeHUB taking advantage of the special offer because of the termination of support for the V1 HUB in June.
I am trying to set it up, but can’t proceed as I am unable delete the OLD V1 HUB from the IDE.

When trying to delete the location from within the new SmartThings app, I get a network error or server occurred , please try again later.

There is one device left in my device list that I CAN NOT DELETE. It is the AEON MINI MOTE. I think my problem is I reset it back to factory settings
before trying to exclude and delete it in the IDE.
This is the message I get "Cannot get property ‘id’ on null object”.

Will it NOT let me delete the V1 HUB because there is 1 device left in the Device list. Interestingly the device does NOT show in the app itself.

I have contacted Smartthings support.

Any suggestions on how I can delete the Minimote device and V1 HUB?

you must delete all devices (zigbee and zwave) first. It doesnt matter if you use the app or IDE.

as for the minimote (or any device with multiple buttons) you must go into the IDE and click on that device and delete the ‘child devices’ (buttons) first before you can actually delete the device.

you can also contact ST support and ask them to remove

Thanks so much. I deleted the child buttons for the Minimote and was now able to delete the Minimote from my device list. All other devices were excluded and removed earlier. That seemed to be the issue.

I was now able to delete my V1 Hub. Thank you!!!

i recently found this out myself when i had to remove all devices and had to do a hard reset.

those aeotec minimotes are worth gold today. i have several and have even repaired/replaced the battery pack in a few.

Tagging @gausnes - many folks are seeing this issue.

One workaround to this problem is to change the device handler to something else (doesn’t matter) and then try to delete it.

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