Most local devices offline, but only one of my hubs

I monitor 3 homes, each with version 38.10. One hub shows most devices offline, but only in the IDE. The app shows they are okay but custom apps show they are offline. The other thing is that all the offline devices are local DTH’s. But there are some local devices ONLINE as well. So it’s confusing where the problem may be, or if there is a problem at all. Maybe I should wait until after the weekend when the regular ST crew will sort it out on Monday?

Update: Some cloud based devices went OFFLINE now as well. I also reset power on the hub without change.

Ditto. Got back from out of town and roughly 25 devices show offline. Have rebooted hub, no luck, tried repairing z-wave, no luck. Smartthings status report shows that there was a degraded performance mystery issue on 9/19, but it also says that has been resolved.

We’ll see what things look like tomorrow morning…

Spent an hour on the phone w/ tech support this morning, no luck. Their answer was to go in and delete and add all the devices back in. Taking a look at routes, there are ghost devices as well as redundant devices, i.e. hub> ghost 1> ghost 2> desk lamp > desk lamp