Connectivity Fail Safe

Been speaking to people about Smartthings and a lot mention the fact that if all household monitoring, control, security is controlled by the hub, what happens if it looses internet connection.

Power can be solved with UPS, but since the only connectivity the hub gets it through router network cable, wonder if their if fail-safe solution for this?

Well, you can get a router than allows you to insert a 3g/4g sim card and they can auto connect to that as a fall back internet connection.

Otherwise, depending on the equipment you have (switches etc) you’ll still be able to manually control (yes very medieval I know) those systems for the time the net is down. But i’d recommend looking into routers that have built in 3g/4g back up. THere’s plenty out there. Cradlepoint etc.

I am hoping that in the future a limited about of “things” can still operate even without connectivity to the internet.  I actually think this should be a core functionally of the hub. Making decisions on real time information is a great idea for most apps but do I really need the Smartthings Cloud to make a motion turn on a light?

I know that the original plans were to have a cellular radio in the hub, but they ended up NOT doing this in order to get the hub out quicker and to ensure they came in on budget.  I do seem to remember that they still plan to offer a cellular hub in the future though.  So that could be the fail safe option.

I bought this modem on the weekend

Which has an option to  cross over to 3G if internet connection through cable connection fails.

Hence it will provide constant internet connection through either cable or USB dongle 3G providing for no issues of smartthings loosing internet connection.

The only issue I am looking at is that if cable connection fails and it moves onto 3G then IP address will change.


Can’t say for certain, but I would suspect that the Hub isn’t (just?) using IP address for access/clearance to the SmartApp.  There has to be some other method of verification.  Most people will have the Hub behind a router or firewall and so it’ll likely have just an internal network IP, which could be the same for many, many different users. I’m guessing they’ll use MAC address of the Hub or username/password programmed into the hub by the end user.