Smartthings Hub V2 and 4G LTE Broadband Router

Can anyone confirm that that the ST hub is accessible over the internet when using Verizon’s 4G LTE router? I’ve read about some other incompatibilities with thing like web cams because the IP address is private and not accessible.

I don’t see any other threads or internet articles on this usage scenario so I’m concerned this may not work.

I use a Verizon 551L USB 4G LTE modem stick with a Peplink router as my backup ISP. SmartThings seems to operate fine on this connection. Lights triggered by motion sensors trigger a little slower but I believe there is full functionality.

Verizon blocks incoming traffic in certain ways. Maybe specific ports + some other rules. I know you can’t use their 4G modem/routers on devices like remote camera/DVR systems where you would want to log in remotely to a web server and view or copy video images. And I don’t believe you can bypass this by changing web serving ports etc. I could be wrong but I believe they are trying to block specific incoming uses to protect the user and mobile devices. SmartThings and Thermostats establish their own connections and not impacted in most cases. Maybe you would get some degraded connectivity with cloud to cloud or rest endpoints stuff if the implementation required making requests to the hub itself. I haven’t thought enough about how those smartapps and devices work to know for sure.

So with your 4G setup your able to access the ST hub from the internet? THis is my use case – I don’t need things to switch on/off but I do need to access the hub remotely (monitoring temp, water, power) and of course be notified on events. I know the events will likely work but I’m not sure I can access the hub. From your statement “martThings and Thermostats establish their own connections and not impacted in most cases” it sounds like I should be ok. FYI, somewhere I read about cloudcam which can be used with 4G router technology. I’ll be looking into that solution.

I think you’ll be fine. When you check temp, water device status, power etc I believe you are actually pulling that data from the smartthings cloud. Not making requests to the hub directly. The mobile smartapp pulls latest status from the smartthings servers. The v2 hub was supposed to have more local processing but what little it does still reports to the cloud when a connection is available. In other words, everything I can think of that you would check would actually make requests to the smartthings servers, not your hub directly. The cloud would at least be the proxy.

I have a 4G LTE internet connection using ATT as my carrier and Netgear LB1120 modem. We have internet access in our barn using CPE510 client/AP. I’ve been unsuccessful port forwarding due to ATT hiding the IP’s.

However after fighting range issues with the Smartthings devices, I “bit the bullet” and got another hub for the barn, I am able to read and control devices remotely using the iPhone APP to both house and barn. BTW, both of my hubs are V2.

I’m not sure how Smartthings tunnels through to my hubs, but it works great !