Smartthings & Hotspot's

Hi! I’m new here and am considering purchasing a Smartthings Kit for my second home. They only issue is that I do not have internet at that house. If I purchase a 4G LTE Hotspot will I be able to use that with Smartthings so I can monitor the house and possibly be able to remote start some lights and the thermostat.
My plan is to purchase a D Link camera and a Smartthings kit so I can monitor the 2nd house when I am not there.

Any advise would be much appreciated!

You could defnitely make something like this work. Check out this thread, It should help you in your quest to awesomeness :smile:

Thanks Tim!

It sounds like it will work.
I have a Linksys WRT54G sitting around doing nothing. From what I understand; I can plug the mifi into the Linksys, then the ST hub, correct? Then I have the ST hub on wifi.
I’m guessing in order to access the Linksys and the ST hub I’ll need a laptop with me.

All the Hub needs is an available Ethernet port. We’ve had customers report success with devices like this:

Hi Tyler,
I did some quick research, this is how I think I can setup my 2nd home;
I can purchase a to plug into which I will plug the ST hub into. Then I can add a D Link camera to the hub and any other additions as needed.

Do you think the above will work?


I don’t have any experience with those specific devices but from a brief glance it looks like those will achieve what you’d like.