Hub reports Offline - everything works

Using Smartthings App on Android, V

Hub reports Offline in the app.

In http://graph.api.smartthings, the hub reports as Active…

Firmware Version 000.038.00010
Hardware Version Hub v3 US

When I ping the hub I get…

The hub responded 15533999.451 seconds ago, on Thu Mar 04 20:50:29 UTC 2021

I’ve rebooted the hub several times. I’ve also removed power and let it sit for 5 minutes before powering back up.

All the devices are working, and showing Online.

I’ve tried the relevant troubleshooting suggested in several posts, all to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any advise!

In App, got to menu, settings, contact us, Report a problem, takes you to support

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I have the same issue. My AC is offline in the app. It started today. Is it a general problem with the app ?

Thank you for the tip…I contacted support, and they suggest uninstalling, then reinstalling the app on the phone.

If I do this, will all of my devices and automations automatically be restored?

Thank you!

Yes afaik.

I’ve now had 1/2 dozen exchanges with tech support, trying to figure out why my hub shows offline in the app, but Active within the IDE.

I’ve tried everything suggested: switching from wired to wireless: uninstalling app from phone, clearing cache/data, and reinstalling: moving hub to a new location; rebooting hub ad-nauseum; rebooting network ad-nauseum…

The only thing I haven’t tried is to factory reset the hub, which I am loathe to do since I’d have to recreate everything from scratch.

Tech support has basically told me they have no solution to this. Any ideas from the group are greatly appreciated!

It just occurred to me that, perhaps, Windows Firewall is somehow blocking the hub from communicating with the app?

Does anyone know the process on how to check this, and how to ensure that the firewall is not interferring with hub communications? (I’m not well schooled when it comes to modifying firewall rules…


What does it show via the API?

Here’s the API response…

Firmware Version 000.038.00010
Hardware Version Hub v3 US
Last Activity At 2021-09-13 5:47 PM UTC
Last Ping Forced From Server Attempted At 2021-09-13T16:31:28.678Z
Last Ping From Hub At 2021-03-04T20:50:29.898Z

Sorry, I meant what does the REST API show? In particular what does the health API as described at Check Your Device's Health | SmartThings Developers tell you the connectivity status of the hub is? That is arguably the one we need to be correct.

You should see something like:

  "deviceId":"REDACTED UUID",

which comes from the devices endpoint, or

  "hubId":"REDACTED UUID",
  "lastUpdatedDate":"Fri Sep 10 07:46:53 UTC 2021",

Clearly the latter version, from the installed-hubs endpoint has some way to go.

Obviously everywhere should agree, but in particular the app should agree with the API.

I believe I saw where someone renamed their hub in the ST app and it started displaying as online. Sorry, can’t remember if they set it back to the original hub name after or if that is only a short term solution.

FYI… the Last Ping from Hub at 2021-03-04 was when ST terminated that function in IDE so it no longer works.

I’m afraid I’m a bit out of my element with the API…can’t even figure out how/where to access it.

I tried renaming the hub (location) name with no effect…then went to change the hub name and…voila…connected!!

I’m stymied! Thank you @jkp ! and others offering assistance!!

I ended up changing the port and the cable and it worked again.

Same. Moved hub to a different port and it came back up. Weird.