Hub Offline Notification

I am no longer getting notifications on my smartphone from the Smarthings app when my hub is offline. Is there somewhere I need to configure this?

I’ve gottena few telling me my hub is now online when I didn’t know nor was told it’s offline. I’ve developed a thick skin to ever changing ST operational landscape. I just picture people endlessly changing the code at the head end with no plan and no supervision. I can’t imagine any other device or system I own operating in this fashion.

Do you have contacts set up in your account?
When I set up the contacts I quit getting hub offline notifications. I believe it is a side effect of having contacts set up.

I read it someplace else just can’t find the link for that thread right now.

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I used to get alerts for off and on, now just on. I’m sure off will reappear eventually, or on will disappear, or not…

This is true

Here you go:

You need to add the email to the contact (the one that you have registered with ST) to get push notifications.

If you are one of the people who had your Hub v.2 firmware updated to 17.12; please report any and all issues directly in this thread:


Thanks for the responses; but is there a way to get notifications of Hub offline?

ST app normally would notify you if your hub is Off-Line. In a perfect world.

Well my hub was updated today and imagine that, I got a disconnected and connected alert.

@TN_Oldman same here. No hub offline notifications since I added contacts. Could you resolve this in any way?

Nope, I believe it’s part of the consequences for enabling contacts.

You could probably jump through some hoops to get a personal thing set up using some apps and such. Just wasn’t that important to me to investigate.

@Joern This app can tell you if your hub goes offline, works fine.

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Wow, that sounds cool. Will try it out later today and will see how it works. Thanks :+1:

I have a hub V1, how do I use webCoRE to alert me if hub goes offline?