Hub offline for two days

My v2 hub went offline a couple days ago and has been blinking magenta since. I tried a reboot and it goes through the normal red /blue process but then goes to blinking magenta. I changed batteries, disconnected and connected cables. Any ideas? I submitted a ticket but haven’t heard from support yet.

I believe you will need to wait for support to contact you. Below is LED status for magenta (blinking)…

Magenta (blinking)

What it means: Downloading firmware update

What to do: This blinking pinkish color indicates that the Hub is downloading a firmware update, which can occur during initial setup or with the release of a Hub firmware upgrade. Do not unplug the Hub while firmware is being downloaded.

Thanks, but don’t think a firmware download would take two days, I hope.

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I think your new firmware will come in the mail, in about 2 days