Hub offine, but can ping from API site

Hi there, and merry Christmas!

I recently set up an ST hub (I think v2), and am away from the house. The app and API site both show the hub as inactive, but I can ping it successfully. I tried rebooting it via the API, to no avail. The status site isn’t reporting anything relevant at the moment. I got a push notification that it went offline about 6 hours ago.

Before I open a ticket with support, is there anything else I should try?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

FWIW, I can discover the hub from my Echo, too.

Echo doesn’t connect to the SmartThings Hub “locally”… It is a Cloud-Cloud integration (Echo to Hue Bridge is local).

Sorry, yeah, I assumed it was talking to the hub indirectly via the services, meaning that the hub was actually operating.