Hub not recognizing armed or disarm status in automation settings

I have a smartthings hub 3 with a siren, door sensors and motion detection. I have a new NOTE10 and the smartthings hub recognizes it.

I’ve set an automation so when the note10 leaves the home and the system is set to disarmed notify the member its disarmed.

Also, when the note10 arrives at home and the system is armed notify the member it’s armed.

It doesn’t work at all. Am I asking this to do something its not capable of?

It seems pretty straight forward…this hub can’t be that simplistic not to execute a simple command

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Could you please post a screenshot of the automation you are using?

Also, how are you setting the system to disarmed? Because there was a change in design philosophy between the classic app and the V3 classic app and you can no longer change the security.mode based on Geopresence. See the community FAQ:

FAQ: Why can’t I use Geopresence or an Automation to set the alarm state in the new (V3) app? (also applies to unlocking smart locks)

Finally, SHM in the classic app and smartthings home monitor (STHM) are two completely separate sets of code. If you have an automation set up under the classic app to change the armed status, it does not change the status that shows up in the new V3 app, and vice versa. So that can also lead to considerable confusion.

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Thanks for your quick reply…I don’t know what screen to send you a screenshot of or how to do it. I’m not techy. I originally wanted the system to know when my phone left the house and the system was unarmed and go ahead and arm it. Obviously that’s not going to happen so my next best thing would be to simply notify me when my NOTE10 leaves the house and it’s not armed so I can set it. That’s about as technical as I get. I’m coming from a WINK hub which is very user intuitive and pretty straight forward and easy to use. The samsung hub seems to be designed for someone with more technical skills. I don’t mean to waste your time, maybe I’ll just go back to the wink. If the samsung hub can’t tell where I am and execute commands than it’s not the right product for me. Thanks again

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