Drop-in replacement for Smartthings hub?

I realize there will not be a 100% compatible drop-in replacement for the SmartThings Hub, but has anyone found a replacement that actually works with Alexa, and which can be substituted for SmartThings at any level of convenience?

It seems obvious by now that Samsung either does not have the will to solve this problem, or has intentionally caused the problem for opaque business reasons.

All I want is to control my lights with voice commands. This isn’t quantum physics.

Did you go through the thread on the new Alex skill that was switched out in September?

One thing that was frequently mentioned was to login to Alexa.Amazon.com and remove all existing devices and then have Alexa discover the devices again. Try that and see if it helps.

This thread is an interesting read and so far works very well with Alexa Skills and Echo Speaks. BTW, there is no shame in having two hubs in your house doing what they do best.

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