Hub is not visible in the app

I have summitted this to support, has anyone else experienced this? My hub shows in IDE, but because so many things no longer function in IDE I’m trying to avoid using it.

Sorry for the delay in replying, but it took awhile to fix all the broken items after uninstalling/installing the apps.

Several weeks ago I tried to add a sensor from my iPhone and it was not successful as it wanted me to select a hub but none were listed in the chose box/list. So I did it if from my wife’s Android phone. Neither phone at that point showed the hub.

After each new update I checked and the hub still did not show in my device list. With 1.6.73 I can now add new devices from my iPhone, but still cannot see it listed in all devices.

If it is not showing in the All Devices section as you noted and assuming you do not have multiple Locations… only ST support will be able to assist at this point. You noted that you contacted ST support, it you are in a region where calling them is an option, that may get a faster resolution for you.

Once you are able to see your hub in the app, assign it to a room which support will probably recommend.

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Can you send support a screenshot of the all devices list where you should see the hub?

Sure will.

Thanks. Your hub’s name starts with an O, you don’t see it there alphabetically?

No it does not appear in the list. I think it is called Our Home Hub?

Thanks for confirming that.

It turns out the hub was in a room that didn’t exist on your location. I moved it to Bedroom and you should see it now and can move it elsewhere if you’d like.

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I see it thanks for your help today :+1: