HUB Inactive, Wonky Motion Sensor -- help needed :/

Using Hub v2 at a vacation house 3 hours away.

  • Hub went inactive 2 days ago with 2 lamps ON via Outlets. Ping’d Hub (The hub responded 140767.393 seconds ago, on Wed Mar 23 22:31:29 UTC 2016). Have tried rebooting via site, and it won’t reboot.
  • Have Motion Sensor which is constantly triggered (by air or ghosts obviously)
  • Routines many times don’t work (may be related to recent announcement)

I’m concerned I have lamps turned on and don’t have plans to be in the area for over a month.

Is there anything else I can do?

If the hub was able to ping, I’d expect the response to to be just a few seconds, not what you’re posting above. Did you mean your home’s router?

I’m in the Utilities section and selected Ping Hub. I’m assuming it’s pinging the Hub (which is Inactive). I’m not very tech oriented but am following other suggestions I’ve read on the forum.

In reality, it’s only a few seconds. I’m not waiting 142956.744 seconds (if I’m reading that correctly). I just did it again and timed it with a stopwatch. Took 5.6 seconds to report back.

What you see in that image is the last time SmartThings was able to ping the hub from their end, not you from the IDE. Here’s mine just a couple minutes ago:

The issue with being Inactive could be a few things.

If your hub recently got a firmware upgrade, it could have not gone well, and/or it requires a power cycle. That happened to several people not too long ago. You could check your hub’s event log to see if an update was pushed, or email

You could be having a power issue at your vacation home with either the circuit the hub is plugged in to, or something more significant.

You could be having Internet issues at hour vacation home. I was in that same situation earlier this week when CenturyLink had an outage in my area for 2 days.

I’d first try to diagnose Internet issues:

  • Can you check with your provider to see if they’re having any problems? If not, ask them if they can see your modem/router active.

  • Can you ping your home’s router?

  • Do you have any other network connected devices you can try to reach, like cameras in your vacation home?

Ah rookie mistake - I never looked at the Time Stamp. Doh!

Thanks for the easy to follow steps. I will go through them and will report back later today (hopefully). I’m chatting with Internet Provider right now. No idea if it will be a fruitful discussion.

What happens if I “disconnect” the Hub in the Utilities?

No worries! Hopefully your ISP can help out a little.

I’ve never done that, or had the need, so I don’t know. I wouldn’t try it without more investigation.