Hub goes offline at least twice a day is it something I am doing wrong

My hub the latest version goes offline at least 2 to 3 daily. My internet is up and running when this happens. Have I done anything wrong. What should I check for?


Are you sure that it’s not lan …for example dhcp issue?

Don’t think it is that, as all my other devices on my home LAN, don’t have any problems.
Is there a special setting I need to set on my router? I have Apple AirPort Extreme and it has been very reliable.

Same thing happens to my v3 hub, it’s annoying getting push notifications 3/4 times a day, I wish they could be turned off, support were no help and I gleaned from their response’s that it’s something that can’t be fixed, a bad WiFi chip or something, so I have to live with it.

Well that stinks switched from Wink as soon as they announced their subscription model. This is the kind of thing that wink always did, going offline all the time, hoped that Samsung had a more reliable platform. Hate to have to move to something else, as I have already sunk a bunch of money into the SmartThings platform.

Thanks for answers and insights

If you think it’s the WiFi you could get a cheap WiFi to Ethernet adapter, and run the hub off that instead - assuming there is a LAN port on the hub of course…

Don’t think it is that but I can plug it into the router to make sure.

What does hub’s log say? Is there any additional information in live log or in hub’s events log?

Well it just disconnected again via wireless. I am now hooking up to my router directly and see if that solves the problem. If it does than this device has an issue with WiFi, that Samsung refuses to acknowledge. Would be interesting to see how many people have run into this same problem. If we get enough people we can probably escalate to a investigative reporter to report on and make it very embarrassing for Samsung.

I retired as a VP of client service for a large software company so I know how to get upper managements attention if the lower level managers refuse to help us out.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Thanks for all your help and support, this group is a real asset to the users and Samsung should understand it helps cut down on the number of support tickets they get and help out once and awhile on issues like this.
All the best,
Richard Tusia

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Well the hub has stayed online for two days since I hardwired to my router. Clearly there is a problem with the wireless part of the hub. Going to send my findings back to the support desk that I opened the original ticket with and see what that day. I will update you after that. Thanks for all your help.

Well told support it stays online since I hooked it up to the router. They then asked me for serial number of the hub application version and screen shot of proof that it was disconnecting and staying connected. Just sent it all to them.
Awaiting there answer

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Well here is what support wrote to me today.

Tejaswi Vadlamudi (SmartThings)

Jul 10, 2020, 11:33 AM MST

Hi Richard,

We appreciate your time and patience.

We’re glad to hear that the addition of another Z-Wave device has made it possible for you to use Hub hardwired, which has greatly increased its stability.

At this time, there is no known issue with the WiFi of the SmartThings Hub V3. The Hub does emit a 2.4Ghz signal for both Zigbee and WiFi, and it is possible the Zigbee is interfering with the WiFi if they are on similar Channels. This article on metageek does a good job of explaining how that can occur.

Currently, your V3 Hub is using Zigbee Channel 19. It might be worthwhile if in the future you would like to convert it back to WiFi-mode, to log into your WiFi Router, and set the 2.4Ghz Channel there to be as low as possible (Ex: Channel 01) to reduce possible interference.

Please do let us know if there is anything else we can do to help out in this case.

Samsung SmartThings Support

@dtusia Is your hub still staying online? I found your thread searching for the same symptom, but my hub has always been connected via an ethernet cable to my router, and this still happens multiple times a day for one of my hubs, and maybe once a month or so for a different hub at a different location (I have smart things hubs installed in rental properties to monitor water leaks). I’m wondering if your connection has been stable for the past month since your post or if the symptom has returned.

Chris since I have direct connected to my router it has been very stable. Whenever I hook it up via wifi it is not stable at all.