Smartthings Hub Constantly offline v2.3.27-8

My Smartthings Hub is constantly offline v2.3.27-8

It will go offline for 20 minutes and then come back online. It will be good for 3 hours and then go offline for 10 minutes and then come back online and be good for 20 minutes and then go offline for 30 minutes and then come back online and stay okay for 6 hours and then go offline again for 5 minutes… constantly randomly throughout the day. All the devices seem to work except when it’s offline… 5 to 20 minutes at a time…

All of my drivers are set to automatic updates and I have checked and they are all up to date that is the latest version that I can find 2.3.27-8

Which model hub do you have? What region are you in? Have you contacted ST support and also give them access to your hub?

No I have not. Technically everything works. It just goes on and off essentially…
I have the Samsung SmartThings 3rd generation hub

I know that it is not Wi-Fi related… however I see no alternatives to change internal Wi-Fi hubs. I have Mesh networking… I’m thinking perhaps it just needs to be on a different mesh Tower but there is no option to change this. The instructions say click the three dots on the right… but there is no Wi-Fi setup menu. I really don’t want to reset the network on it because it is been so long since I have had to change it I’m not sure what else may go down.

My Alexa Network never goes down all of this happens while I am streaming TV or online at work with a steady stream. Nice high baud rate. New modem everything works and I’m not having issues with my non-smart things related smart devices.

You can try switching it over to Ethernet if you have the option to do that to test if it a wifi issue.


Almost 2 years ago I had a problem with my (wired) V2 hub going offline (blue light) occasionally and then coming back online again.
I eventually got fed up and, during one offline episode, I logged into my router and found that the V2 hub had a spurious IP address that was ‘way’ outside my network’s class C address range. As I remember, the IP was not even in any of the several private IP ranges.
I used the router’s DHCP setup to permanently assign a valid IP address and the offline problem has never recurred.
Hope this helps.

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For some reason when I put the hardwired land into it it won’t connect to the network. Again I’m sure if I deleted it… I could reset it but I’m not sure I want to go through setting everything up again so I unplugged it and again it works but I have the sporadic disconnects.

That is indeed an awesome idea. Thank you I will try to do that when I can log into my network.

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Great suggestion! In fact, locking down an IP address is a good thing to do for devices that should “always” be at a known address. On my network, I put things there like our NAS (in case I have to SSH into it to reboot it from the command line), hard-wired appliances, APs, and so on. It makes it a lot easier to ping something to see if it is alive without sifting through a long list of devices usually identified with cryptic names or, often, their MAC address.

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Any update?
Did pinning the DHCP IP address help?

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No actually it still disconnects. Although it happens less frequently now that the address has been reserved. And it reconnects faster.

I do have the ability to wire it directly although it’s not in the best location… I think it will still pick up signals from everything it needs to. I was in the process of doing this but it looks like I will have press the reset button in order to do so. It has been so long since I have installed all of this that I’m assuming it will rebuild based on my login however is there anything I need to know other than pressing the reset button to finally putting this to bed or will I have more of a Greek tragedy when I press the reset button?

I would recommend a “soft” reset (only clears network settings) over a “hard” reset (wipes out everything).

soft factory reset by following these directions:

  • Disconnect the power cable from the Hub
  • Using a pin or a small tool, hold down the reset button on the back of the Hub
  • While continuing to hold down the reset button, replace the power cable
  • When the LED on the front starts flashing yellow, release the button

pay attention while resetting. release the reset button once you see the flashing yellow. Do not continue holding the reset button or else you will perform a hard reset.

contact ST support if you continue experiencing problems.

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Darn. Thanks for the feedback.