Hub freezes during registration at 52%

Cannot connect Hub. When I go to connect it freezes during registration at 52%. I have reset the network 3 times. I am using an apple phone. Any suggestions?

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Which hub are you trying to connect?

Smart things WiFi
Model ET-WV525

You may want to contact ST support:

scroll down on the page to find email and phone. Phone is generally the quickest method if you are in a region where it is available.

Thanks. Will do tomorrow

Did this ever get resolved? I’m facing the same problem (trying to setup a new hub and get stuck at registering device on Samsung account, at 52%). I can’t register any device for some reason.

Never got resolved. Returned Smart Thing. Their support team could not fix the issue.

That’s not very reassuring seeing I can’t return mine. They were working before but they were factory reset now none of them would register. I have 5 of them. They can’t all be defective? Maybe it’s something with my account?

I wish I could help you but from my experience the only help is Samsung and they were not much help to me.