@Brad_ST please help

Bought v3 hub on ebay. I’ve reset it 10+ times. Gets stuck at verifying every time. Support ticket open and has been for a week with no help. Can you help me please!

Ticket number 1133349


I feel your pain, I went thur same shit 1.5 years ago After week of !@))**#^$# & support ticket, and finally got my hub connected , Can remember exact issue was but i had to reset my router or moderm change some setting there, All thought our internet and wifi had no issue before, Just Smartthing hub had issue downloading.
Good Luck.
First, i went as far as trying third hub,Thought first two was defective or past version ?after googling.
I did call my internet provider and they may did reset my modem but not sure what really fixed it.

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