Used hub for sale

(Justin Pontius) #1

I’m moving away from SmartThings and selling my hub. It will come in the original box with an ethernet and power cable. My account has been deleted and the hub is free and clear.

Ship via USPS Priority. $70 paypal or google wallet.

(Stephen) #2

If you don’t mind saying , what are you moving to?

(Justin Pontius) #3

To be honest I didn’t care to do everything inside an ‘app’. Well that plus the fact it runs in the cloud and things were delayed. One day my internet was out and my wakeup alarm didn’t go off. That didn’t turn out well.

I’ve since found FHEM and I’m loving it. Part of my day job is linux sysadmin, so I’m comfortable with perl and scripting in general.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #4

This looks pretty cool. Thanks for the heads up.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #5


I assume you are using this with Z-wave… which stick are you using, and have you run into any issues with the network?



(Justin Pontius) #6

Yes mainly z-wave. I use the Aeon Labs z-stick 2. Everything works reasonably well. One thing I haven’t really figured out yet is how to auto-heal the network and polling/status updates. FHEM is german, so sometimes there is a language barrier. It’s in heavy development so things improve almost daily.

(MT) #7

@justin_pontius I imagine you sold this since this posted almost a month ago, but if not let me know.

(Justin Pontius) #8

I actually still have it, in the box and everything!

(MT) #9

To my surprise, I happened to find one locally right after I posted, sorry bout that :frowning: