V1 Hub For Sale

Is anyone interested in purchasing my Hub V1?

How much? and is it just the hub?

50 bucks and yes, just the hub.

Still have the welcome code? And does that include shipping?

I assume you are upgrading from V1 to V2?

I dont think I have the welcome code. I would have to look for it. I will include shipping if you are interested.

You can easily get the welcome code from support, I was able to get mine and it will help you sell it faster :smile:

Sure, how do you want to be paid? Do you have Paypal or Square Cash?

BTW, getting this for a friend who I am sure would find it useful. He is disabled, and has been thinking quite a bit about home automation. I plan to give this to him for his Birthday which happens to be soon (SMILE)

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@April, @ben, @slagle

May I suggest that the Community might appreciate the Forum having a new Category for used Device & Hub resales? :moneybag:?