Hub firmware upgrade, can I control it, or at least schedule it?

I received an email telling me that my hub would be receiving an automatic firmware upgrade early in the morning. I have a limited speed internet connection. It typically runs at under 500KB/m. The morning of the upgrade, my network was hung up. Since then, it hangs every couple of hours. I have to reboot my router to use email.

I was wondering if there is another way to get the firmware and upgrade the device myself. Those USB ports on the back look might tempting for this use. I can do downloads at another physical location.

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Unfortunately, no. They used to do these without giving us advanced notice. They now give us the notice, but we have no way of delaying or deferring the upgrades.

Can I postpone an update or manually force an update myself?

No, not at this time. SmartThings is working on allowing customers to actively accept firmware updates, but this option is not currently available.

Also, the USB ports on the back of the hub are inactive at the present time. They don’t do anything at all. :disappointed_relieved:

Adding USB ports to the Samsung SmartThings Hub allows for future expandability, but will have no functionality at product launch.

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You can try and force the update by rebooting your hub. That is about as close to scheduling the update to your schedule as you can get. No guarantees that it will update on reboot, but a lot of times if there is an update pending it will install on reboot.

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My problem is that I’ve had to reboot the device every couple of hours to use my network to get email and the like. If I could download the upgrade at the “local library” (It’s 25 miles away) onto a USB stick, I could bring it home and plug it in. My network connection is woefully inadequate but I have no choices out here in the boonies of California. Product developers and manufacturers should realize that half the country still does not have a large internet pipe.