Hub Firmware Release Notes - OTA - 16.9 - V2

Or that they just cannot respond. We’re lucky we hear what we do. Speaking publicly about anything that hints on strategic is probably a “career limiting move!”

I agree with you. Please tell it to Mr Ahndee… :slight_smile:

The point I am making is about promises that have been made and never been retracted. I would be fine with an official statement saying “Sorry, we’re not going to do that because …” However, there are multiple instances where promises have been made and the official statement is that they are still standing by those promises. The people that are taking the brunt of this are people that invested a lot of time into this platform, a lot of them even part of the original Kickstarter campaign that got ST going in the first place.

If there was a statement that “there will be no migration tool” and “v1 are EOL and will not receive any more upgrades to fix the known bugs” we could make a decision about what to do. The way it is now is that the migration will be more painful the longer that statement is not being made as I would have to manually migrate more stuff than if they would save announced what is going to happen months or years ago.

My point is not to be whiny but I am getting tired of the repeated promises that “we are listening to you guys” and “we are making things better” without anything actually happening in that realm.



You haven’t learned yet that silence is usually a polite way of saying “no” ? I’ve learned that a long time ago in life…

Should I see a significant drop in battery after a device has been updated via OTA?

I just recently installed my system and have 13 multipurpose sensors. Yesterday all 13 sensors where indicating 100% battery. After enabling OTA 9 of the 13 are reporting 89%. Looking through the log data, those are the 9 devices that received an update.

The 4 remaining devices did not update, and consequently are located further from my hub. I suspect they didn’t update because their RF connection isn’t as good.

Note: I see the same phenomenon with motion sensors. Immediately after the update there is a significant drop in battery.

Tier reporting. The following thread explains. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the reply.

You are right it was very temporary, one of the multi sensors did the same again hours after rejoining.

Will raise with support and reference your ticket

The battery reporting is so inaccurate I woildnt trust it for nothing. I had 6 sensors die at 67% and now I just replaced my kwik lock 912 at 60% because it was dead. Also my daughter’s presence sensor has been showing 13% for a Month and still working, well if you call them workable.

This is something we are hoping to address for Centralite sensors with a future OTA. Presently, the percentage is based on battery voltage measured when the device is not under load. In the future, we hope to be able to measure battery voltage periodically while under load to provide battery levels that are more useful than they are at present. We will not ever be able to provide the kind of battery percentage you get, for instance, on your laptop or cell phone as the batteries in those cases are known and have extra electronics for doing coulomb counting, etc.

Since the OTA update involves extra work (in particular, transmits to the update server), some drop in battery is expected.


Learned a new word today!

Coulomb - In terms of SI base units, the coulomb is the equivalent of one ampere-second. Conversely, an electric current of A represents 1 C of unit electric charge carriers flowing past a specific point in 1 s. The unit electric charge is the amount of charge contained in a single electron.

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Then, the day was not wasted! :grin:


From my perspective its 100% the sensor firmware these detect motion and motion stopped events dont line up to the previous behaviour at all and thanks to them my CoRE rules fire as expected …

It almost looks like the temperature reporting or refresh of this may cause this …

also referring to the change, here they say 30-40 seconds - to me this was almost 30 seconds on point previously …

I still think it is related to SHM-security. I tossed the motion sensor that causes almost all of the issues in a box and the only time it throws motion events is when SHM gets enabled when we’re sleeping or away. I want to say it had some false motion events even with SHM disabled, but I can’t really remember. Support had me change the battery as they think it might be tied to battery reporting and because it is over a year old and I’ve never replaced it. But it reported 78% still, so of course I didn’t replace it (prior to them asking). But it definitely hasn’t had a motion event in the box since replacing it EXCEPT when SHM is enabled. Sure glad my siren is still disconnected (for the last six months or so)…

I dont use SHM at the moment as I use another system to cover that area reliably … so its down to hub/sensor for me …



Oh gawd, that brings back memories/nightmares of doing Millikan’s oil drop experiment in physics … I think I went temporarily blind counting those tiny oil drops :laughing: … and that was decades ago…



What is sad is when I raised a ticket with support they said that no one else had complained. No one is looking at this as an issue at smartthings I think.

I logged a ticket in the UK - they supposedly applied some ‘changes’ on the backend and wanted me to report back which I did as there were no improvements next they said they wanted to disable the unsecure/secure join ‘to see if that makes a difference’. I replied back with logs and screenshots as well my suspicion that its firmware related and the request to give me a reasonable response to what they intend to do about it rather than ‘trying something out’.
This was in Dec 15th, I did send further logs with the request to review the backend for details what else happened around that time to allow investigation on Dec 16th …

Havent heard back since - to be fair with Philips/Osram now having motion sensors as well I am strongly considering throwing ST out and to potentially join the Homekit integration platform - seems like support either doesnt have the skills or access to troubleshoot and just proposes solutions by trial and error … I dont even have a case reference# …

Previous to the latest updates I had a quite solid systen with CoRE automating almost everything - including CoRE replacing SHM - so I didnt need to touch a switch at all except for one exception …

Its frustrating to say the least and yes I even changed the reported 100% battery for a brand new one at 100% didnt change a thing …

Homekit and Hue will have nothing like the flexibility of CoRE and Smartthings though. Really not an appealing option. The shame is, like you my system had reached a point where it was close to being really good until this update which according to smartthings is haunted with constant movement everywhere!!

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Ever since this update several of my Osrams bulbs have been going offline. Before the update I had at least 5 months of uninterrupted stability so I am convinced its the update. Iris SmartPlugs, of which I have over 40 are now occasionally and randomly failing to switch when controlled in large groups via Routine or SmartLighting. It does not happen every time though. Unfortunately support will not help because they are not SmartThings branded devices. Before the update they were 100% reliable. I wish ST would acknowledge the problem and let us know what they are doing about it.

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you can do quite a lot with the homekit apps and ifttt but I am still looking into it …

I do have mainly Osram bulbs in my setup and they all work fine - did you upgrade them via the Osram hub at all? they all report this version 01020412