Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

Yeah I second this, I invested in the ADT system thinking it was going to be around for at least a few years but with Best Buy and others liquidating their stock that has me really worried about the future of the ADT Hub. If they drop the ADT hub or release another security type hub that doesn’t support the ADT sensors I’m going to be extremely unhappy.

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So now hiding when the updates come out unless you troll a forum? Seems like a step back. Sure the numbers show that you get fewer support tickets when you dont email…but that doesn’t mean fewer problems. Just means people dont know whats going on in their house. I really am growing very weary of the direction this product has went in the last year to two.

Shame on you and your upper management for this decision.


From what I see in recent posts, the whole customer support, response, and communication effort seems to have been cut back. It’s aligned to other Samsung TVs and appliances now.


Where can i find out more of what is being done with the Zen thermostat firmware update? It’s -40c here and hate for the thermostat stop working correctly with routines.

I second this. Such great hardware please don’t hold it back software wise

It’s possible,but that isn’t the point. The embedded one really should take acccount of Modules prior to version 3.5 and exclude parameters that are not available in older versions. Besides, the embedded DTH seems to be the only one that works with the new app and we know this is the driection Samsung want us to go.

  • Address discovery issues for some non-WWST certified Zigbee ZLL devices

:o possible Xiaomi pairing fix??

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No. Xiaomi isn’t ZLL. I think this was for some Chinese light strip.

Can Samsung/SmartThings please explain the reason for this decision?


Since a firmware update takes the hub offline, the proactive email communication is critical for notifying all customers in advance that essential functions will be unavailable, if only briefly. Let individual customers opt out if they don’t want to receive the emails.


Please note that due to a bug fix in Zigbee messaging hubs on 25.X or greater will require an update to Xiaomi button DTHs. You can see more details and get the DTH looking here. Thanks to @veeceeoh for updating the DTHs to work with the new firmware.


Can you comment on why Samsung connect home hubs arnt getting any updates since 22.x?

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You can’t be serious! So after all these botched firmware updates in the past causing lots of trouble, instead of allowing users to have a say and schedule when their devices -which are often controlling vital parts of their homes- should receive the updates, you decide to deliver them quietly, without barely any advance notice. This way users won’t complain so much, right?

My god. Let there be soon a way to easily migrate from ST to other platform, because this whole thing sure is going to hell. Textbook mismanagement.

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SmartThings taketh, and SmartThings giveth (in the future)

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Pretty sure that’s said the same thing since 2015.


Wow, no more email notices? It’s a good thing that the email went out notifying users that they wouldn’t get any more notices. . . . :disappointed:

In the end lots of devices update and don’t tell users, but they also never notified them in the first place.

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ST team, will we ever get the ability to back-up our setup and automations? This would make me feel so much more comfortable and pretty much lock me into the ST ecosystem.

Also, I’d love to buy future hubs etc if I knew I could just seemingly port accros, whereas atm the thought of re-doing everything just puts me off.

Phone retailers realised this was a massive barrier to people upgrading their handsets, that’s why they all invested so much time into making transfers so seemless, including Samsung.

It just feels like the missing link right now and it would certainly serve to reduce the nervousness around firmware updates and the looming new app transfer etc.

Please consider if you can.


Can someone from SmartThings explain why - starting today - the Hub all of a sudden stopped controlling Fibaro (Single Switch 2 and Dimmer 2) light switches? The work from physical switches, and they report their status to the Hub. But they are no longer controllable remotely – the on/off indicator in the app (classic or new app) simply flashes briefly without changing the state or affecting the lights.

My v2 hub is still on 000.024.00020 (so no firmware update occurred yet).
Yet, I and others on this forum (see my post about an hour ago) are having this same problem.
Did the SmartThings cloud change its functionality today (such that this problem occurs on hubs that have yet to receive the updated firmware)? Will the problem disappear when the firmware update occurs sometime before Friday)?

Please let us know why this is occurring, and whether there is an interim workaround.
Would also be comforting to let us know if the firmware update will resolve this issue.


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My Fibaro Single Switch 2 also stopped working today. I realised when I woke up today to a cold house! It was using the official Fibaro Single Switch 2 ZW5 DTH. I’ve spent the best part of 2 hours trying to troubleshoot this, downloading other DTH’s like the one’s from @anon36505037 and @erocm1231. Same behaviour, they don’t work remotely only from the physical switch. Now I’m in the process of digging out an original Fibaro relay and going through the hassle of swapping it over and redoing all my automations. But if ST are responsible maybe they can fix it and provide an explanation why this happened.

It happened around 10pm GMT last night for the fibaro’s. Old and new are effected, there’s not currently a fix we can do on it, believe me I’ve been up all night trying to fix as my other half currently can’t control any lighting or functions in the house.

It is something on the cloud end, possibly due to the localisation of fibaro control with this latest patch, just hoping it drops for us still on 24.00020 asap so they begin working again