Hub Firmware Release Notes - 22.14

(Troy S Barnette) #21

Hope I do t have the same issue as before and need to pull batteries for devices to get them to update again.

(Aaron Messel) #22

I am currently trying out indigo 7 which you can do a 30 day trial on and is pretty reliable as well as powerful but does require a bit more user input. I would give it a shot for sure just need to get a z-wave stick and sign up for the trial and your all set. They also do all protocols not just z-wave but it is a mac based program just a heads up if you don’t use a mac.


I got my Skybell couple days ago as well. At first it was awesome but then tried the motion sensor and it would take forever to start recording. So I went to webcore and made a piston that would start recording when my different motion sensor which then would make Skybell start recording. Now it works perfectly.

Trying to find out now if I can get it to record for more than 30 seconds.

(Eric Mc Donald) #24

I found a post somewhere that suggested removing the Skybell app and reinstalling. That fixed my Skybell issues several months ago.

(MRintz) #25

Anyone else having hub issues with this firmware? Immediately after my hub updated its firmware at 10:40am this morning (which it reported as successful), my hub has been going into a disconnected state every 1min 5sec. It has no issues before that. I’ve already reset it, moved it to a different switch port, and replaced the ethernet cable. I don’t get any ping loss to the hub even while its reporting disconnected, and my internet connection is fine. I’ve already opened a ticket with support, but wondering if anyone else is having the same issue.

( Cosmo) #26

Can you guys shed some light on this?
Not too happy reading this…

(Jameson) #27

Did you read where it states patched firmware is 20.17?

(Jimmy) #28

( Cosmo) #29

No I missed that. I was trying to read quick as I was getting out of van at hotel.

(Luna Faye) #30

Ever since this update yesterday, my notifications have been crazy slow. Some times hours later. I tried hard resetting the hub, but that doesn’t seem to have helped.

(Brad) #31

It would be highly unlikely that this would be related to the Hub. If you aren’t seeing lag in device events, the lag wouldn’t be from the Hub. That is, if you are seeing events in the mobile app which should have generated a notification, the Hub can be removed from the equation. Notifications are generated cloud-side as the connection is roughly like this:

Devices < > Hub < > Cloud < > Mobile phone

If you contact support with specific notifications which are delayed, they can investigate.

(ron) #32

ever since update my hub has been ‘offline’ Soft or hard resets do not change anything. No leds lighting on front of hub.

(Brian Givens) #33

After the update, the only two Zigbee devices (Samsung presence detector and Samsung Zigbee door switch) have been unavailable. I tried rebooting the hub and taking the battery out and putting back in of the devices. ??

(Justin Stroud) #34

I deleted all my automations and set them up again and it seems to be working now. I have it set to when it detects motion at the front door, to turn on the front porch light.

Only weird thing, the skybell LED stays white for a very long time after running the automation. Not a big deal really.

(Mike) #35

my Samsung cameras stopped working so I removed them to add them again
and it looks like i can’t add them back, no option in the Market anymore.
Are now only Arlo cameras compatible?

(Mark C) #36

My dlink has gone down also, have to try adding when i get home


Same here, presence sensors stopped working reliably (×3), even with new batteries. Motion sensors (Phillips Hue and smartthings) stuck in either (active / inactive) state for days. New batteries, Hub Reboots have not resolved this!

(Mark C) #38

with my Dlink all i had to do was reenter the password in the DH, and its up agin

(Alex) #39

My hub has been repeatedly going offline after this firmware upgrade. I do not know if the two are related however. Am I the only one? A power cycle restores everything.

(Guy) #40

For the first time ever my hub was offline for 3 hours, when I returned home it had 3 Blue LEDs on the front constant, power cycling brought it back online immediately.