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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 18.18

@nastevens @Kanishk_Singh

Faster boot times and local automations

This means, faster boot times and faster local automations, correct?

Or do you mean,
faster boot times and new local automations have been added?

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Is it US only or North America (I’m in Canada :slight_smile: ) ?

Either way, I didn’t get an email.

Edit : NVM, I just got the email. It’s NA for those wondering, so Canada will be updated as well.

I did unsubscribe to the marketing emails. So that might be it.

Thanks for looking into that.

Why don’t you use the hub to send a push notification as well as email to notify about firmware updates, etc?


I doubt there is much local automation to improve the performance. What I remember was, bulbs directly connected to Smartthings hub and using Smartlighting smartapp only works locally. I have hue bulbs so i have zero local automation.
I hope they add some stuff locally like zwave aeon minimotes and sensors, but I have given up on that now.

Right now, only the official smartlighting feature and a few bits of smart home monitor can run locally, and then only if they are limited to devices using device type handlers which can run locally. Routines cannot run locally, you cannot arm/disarm smart home monitor locally, and you can’t use the app on the phone locally even if your phone is on the same LAN as your hub. :disappointed_relieved:

There’s no official list of the handlers, but there is a community thread of handlers that have been confirmed to run locally. There are several sensors there:

Thanks for the list. I have tried using some of the handlers but still shows as Execution Location in the Cloud. Am i reading it incorrectly?

Just alter the first part of the address for the shard that you are on.
Local Smartapp list.
Local device list.

How are you triggering your local device? If via the mobile app then it won’t be local.

You need to, for example, use a local contact sensor to trigger a smart lighting instance which can then turn on a local light.

What device are you trying? You mentioned the Aeon Minimote which will run locally if you use the “Aeon Minimote” DTH published by SmartThings. You should just need to click Edit on the device, change the Type to Aeon Minimote and click Update.

I literally received the e-mail about the firmware update a few minutes after I posted this. Looks like I’m due for an upgrade this week.

I have the Aeon Home Energy Meter using the Aeon Home Energy Meter + C3 which I believe is in the list of Offline DTH. But the device still shows as Execution Location: Cloud.

I have aeon multisensor 6 and Minimotes which I will try using the offline DTH to verify if it shows in the list. I do not have any switches or lights which have local processing so really cannot do much at this time but will be great if I can see the sensors execute locally.

Edit: Just changed the DTH for minimote to default one and I can see it as Local execution which is great. Now to get some switches which are supported in offline mode.

For those who did not receive the email, we have also posted a scheduled maintenance with information about the update:


The Aeon Home Energy Meter + C3 doesn’t run locally anymore but the Aeon Home Energy Meter does. The Aeon Multisensor Gen5 runs locally but the Gen6 doesn’t yet.

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That explains, thanks a lot!
Now to figure out some local smartapps for automation

Only smartlighting… no other smartapp will run locally.

Is anyone experiencing the hue bulbs saying not available in ST iOS app? while the philips hub is online and all bulbs are as well controllable by the hue app?

This post states update in UK. Posts above and the e-mail I got yesterday state US. I am in US and so fare am still on 17.12

I got both emails.

US (firmware and cloud):

Beginning at 10AM (Eastern Daylight Time) this Thursday morning (August 10, 2017) we’ll start performing both a Hub Firmware Update and a Cloud Service Upgrade. The cloud changes will increase the resiliency of the SmartThings infrastructure and the firmware update provides:

Faster boot times and improved logging
Increased reliability and performance for Zigbee devices
Bug fixes for Z-Wave Network Repair issues
Device updates for some Samsung SmartThings devices and “Works With SmartThings” partner products
While each individual Hub should be offline for less than 1/2 hour, it could take up to eight hours to roll the changes out to everyone.

UK (cloud only):

Beginning at 11AM (BST) this Thursday morning (August 10, 2017) we’ll start performing a Cloud Service Upgrade. The cloud changes will increase the resiliency of the SmartThings infrastructure.

We expect this maintenance downtime to affect your SmartThings system for around 15 minutes.

During this time, control of devices, automations, and notifications will not be available, and the Hub and mobile app will be offline. When the update is complete, your Hub will reconnect to the SmartThings platform and devices and automations will resume operating.

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Did the upgrade start early this morning? At about 6:35mst (9:35edt) all of my automations stopped working. Checked the hub and still had green lights but IDE told me I had no hub.