Hub Firmware Release Notes - 18.18

Further re-enforcing my much earlier statement that communication is hard, the wrong set of change notes went out with the notification email again. The differences aren’t super significant, but we did want to provide some more detail up front. These are the notes that should have gone out:

  • Faster boot times and local automations
  • Increased reliability and performance for Zigbee devices
  • Fix for problem with some Schlage Z-Wave locks not reporting lock status
  • Firmware updates for some SmartThings sensors and outlets, Sengled Classic bulbs, Iris sensors and the Halo smoke alarm

Appreciate the clarification, Nick!

Actually the two sets of changes are completely independent of each other, so the decision was made to avoid downtime events on multiple days for people.

I can’t exclude you from the cloud downtime, but we are not planning to update beta users (those on 18.20) during the Thursday release.

Beta users on 18.20 have the same Hub firmware as 18.21, but have the newer version of the ZigBee radio firmware with an extra change recommended by the radio manufacturer. In the end, our confidence wasn’t high enough to use the new ZigBee firmware + patch in production, but keeping that firmware on beta allows us to work with the community members to eventually get to true root cause.



sure… sure you can…

It would be cool if SmartThing’s can send me a notification when it goes down. I am not even getting offline alerts from the hub since I use Contacts. Any idea when this will get resolved?

I received the email today but have two Hubs at two different locations. Not sure which will update or if both will.

This app can do it: [RELEASE] Device Monitor - Get Notified if Devices Stop Reporting

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Did they figure out what was causing the catastrophic failure?

Are they doing this in stages? I did not get the e-mail (and I usually do for updates and I checked my spam folder).

Theories, but nothing I would call conclusive yet. On our side we’ve worked to try and get a clear set of steps to reproduce the issue, and that’s been difficult too since this occurs at an extremely low rate.

At this point everyone should have been notified of the update via email.

Everyone? I’ve not had an update notification email as far as I can tell. Do you have to opt in?

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My only notification was following this thread. And I know my e-mail address is correct as I received all the notifications about the 17.12 update. Also, I have checked my e-mail and spam folders and I have received nothing. Who do I check with to find out why I am not getting notifications?

Except I am in the US, and have been using the same e-mail address since day one.

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I’m so glad I had the wisdom to disable OTA updates for ZigBee devices right before leaving on holidays for the last 3 weeks. Will make sure to follow this practice from now on. If only I could do the same for the hub’s firmware updates… :roll_eyes:

Are there more details for local automations released in 18.21?

Notifications will be sent any time the hub goes offline for more than 10 minutes. With this firmware update, the total offline time is about 30 seconds.

I don’t get them as I am using the contact feature…according to support

I’m still on firmware 17.12 and I’ve yet to receive any e-mails about the update.

It looks like a different (not correct) method was used for pulling emails to notify of this release and they may not have been sent to people that unsubscribed to marketing emails (which is fine). We’re looking to determine who might not have received notification that should have and get that notification sent to that subset of people.

@nastevens @Kanishk_Singh

Faster boot times and local automations

This means, faster boot times and faster local automations, correct?

Or do you mean,
faster boot times and new local automations have been added?

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Is it US only or North America (I’m in Canada :slight_smile: ) ?

Either way, I didn’t get an email.

Edit : NVM, I just got the email. It’s NA for those wondering, so Canada will be updated as well.