Hub Firmware Release Notes - 17.12/17.13/17.14

Literally nothing is working on my end as well. Even worse, earlier my devices were randomly turning on and off for no apparent reason whatsoever.

This is the third outage in ~3 months. I must admit, I’m starting to investigate other solutions to ST because prolonged outages really isn’t acceptable when it comes to home automation, at least IMHO.

Im on Firmware 17.12 and nothing is working in my network. lights, sensors, locks all dead!!!

Hello All,

I just got back home to find the new firmware update on my hub. When I first came home none of my automation was working. I did a restart on the hub and now I have connectivity again, but insanely long lagging from the time I pressed a routine until the hub decides to run the routine. Anywhere from 30seconds to 2 minutes. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!


LOL… immediately after posting this my garage door randomly opened and its 10PM at night. An outage is one thing but having things randomly activate?!

Everything stopped working for me!!! Please help!!! Need a roll back on firmware… this is crazy.


I doubt it’s related to firmware. Probably another server issue.

This has nothing to do with the firmware!!!

Remove the response from the meme and you got it right on!

Just took my hub offline for the night and found 4 corroded batteries that needed to be replaced in a hub less than a year old.

Didn’t want to risk the hub doing something funky like opening my garage in the middle of the night and posting my tools for free on letgo.

There was a battery issue with some earlier firmware that was recently fixed. ST even sent out replacement batteries to everyone… I wonder if that’s why your batteries were corroded.

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I came home yesterday to all my Hue lights not working at all. Hub says its online but even tapping the individual lights would just stay on “Turning on” and then go back to off. I thought it was a problem with my Google home so I reboot that, but to no avail. Glad to see I’m not going crazy with others having some issues now too. Didn’t have connectivity to my cameras either. Weird.

How about going forward a ‘service health check’ automatic notice is sent to users email or pushed to phones if service outside of normal operating parameters?

They already have this. You have to subscribe here.

Notifications did not get sent out yesterday until at least several hours into the disruption.

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Im thinking more along the lines of an auto-opt in. Opt out if you dont want to get notified the performance is out specs or totally down.

There are far too many posts on people taking batteries out, rebooting, core suddenly not working, or trouble shooting for hours thinking it was an issue locally.

If they did that, then they could/would be accused of opting people in that did not want to be opted in. That is a SPAM issue that they could actually get into trouble for.

That being said, they could have been more proactive in publishing that the opt in was available. I happened upon it, and had already opted in.

Perhaps but SPAMM is something not useful, being informed that the system is having issues is VERY useful.

To avoid the SPAMM legal issues maybe a Good place to ask for opt-in is when registering for Smartthings app. Is it already there? I may have missed opt-in checkbox for ’ failure or performance’ email in that case nevermind.

Or a hearbeat banner for system status on top of the forum would be great too. Just throwing :bulb:.

1- While I agree that it would be useful, there is always that guy who does not. (Do a google search for Walgreens class action- they got sued for sending out unsolicited robo calls to let people know their prescriptions were ready) Usefulness is not a criteria for determining if it is SPAM or not: Spam is unsolicited bulk email. Not all bulk email is spam. Not
all commercial email is spam. Email must be unsolicited and bulk in order to be spam. Unsolicited email is email the recipient did not (explicitly or implicitly) agree to receive. If the recipient agreed to receive it, then it is not spam. - SpamCop FAQ: How do I get started reporting spam?

2- I agree that a good place would have been when registering. That is what I was meaning when I said they could have done a better job of promoting it. If you missed the checkbox, then so did I.


As a followup for anyone one else. I ended up creating a ST support ticket and they corrected the issue pretty quickly on their end.

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