Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.32.12

Yes. :frowning: Hard resetting means perfectly what you are saying…nothing do to.

see if you can ping the ip address of the hub. if so this means that it is still online

Note that the ZigBee network is UP.

  • State: Functional
  • Version: 2.9.0
  • Channel: 19
  • Node ID: 0000
  • Pan ID: 9E2E
  • OTA: disabled
  • Unsecure Rejoin: true

The hub is perfectly online. The only problem is that the hub has no Z-Wave protocol active.

This is the Z-Wave protocol state:

  • State: Not functional
  • Node ID: FF
  • Suc ID: FF
  • Protocol Version: 3.83
  • Region: EU

when you hard reset the hub did the led turn magenta (pinkish) to re-download the latest firmware

Mine was the same, bullet proof, even before this update, 32.12 does seem to impacted my Fibaro device

I think for some reasons my Z-Wave hardware crashed. But I cannot believe this synchronization with the lates update. May be a software issue?

if when you did the hard reset the led changed to magenta (pinkish) then it re-downloaded the firmware. try that again. if it still doesnt work them contact support.

Thanks Awestun.

After this update my Z-Wave network seems completely Not Functional

at this point i would contact support. btw is this a v2 or v3 hub

I have a v2 hub and in the US. My protocol version is 6.04

6.04 in the Uk v2 hub

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Mini Mote issues started this morning. Was woken by bedroom lights turning On. So i turned them off…turned on again. Further investigation sees some button pushes causing ST to see it firing multiple times with some delayed by minutes. Attempts to turn the device off or to a different dim level is followed by the device changing its state once again. Have to wait minutes for the commands to stop coming to the Z-Wave light switch (WallMote).

Hub is definitely on 0.32.12

Hum, all of my minimotes are working.

I think it may have to do with distance and the mesh network. It’s as if the message is being sent 5 times and it takes minutes for all of the messages to reach the hub.

its a good idea to have a router/repeater powered outlet in each room.

It sounds like you know something about this, can you help? The room is far from the hub, but isn’t Z-Wave a mesh network? There are numerous Z-Wave Plus devices in that room, as well. In addition we have 2 minimotes and 1 nanomote. None of them work well since the app change.

Depending on the distance and obstacles (i.e. metal appliances, walls [metal wire in stucco, concrete/brick, etc.]) in between (along the way), you may need at least 1 if not more routers/repeaters, not just in the room at the far end.

you can look in the IDE on the computer for each device to see how it is connecting back to the hub.

i.e. this device -> outlet (01) -> light switch (ae) -> hub

minimote are zwave so you will need zwave router/repeaters (i.e. outlets, light switches, etc.)

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