Hub Firmware Beta 0.28.11

Version: 0.28.11

Hub Target:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v3) (2018)

Release Date: 26 Nov 2019

Release Notes:


  • Minor stability improvements to Zigbee and Z-Wave.

That’s it? What have you guys been doing for so long. Your update cycle is too slow…

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:laughing: when you have millions of hubs deployed, i’m sure slow and steady is preferred.


I was hoping the next firmware upgrade would fix the problem of the Arlo cameras not recording when door contacts or other motion sensors were activated. When will that happen. The function disappeared at the end of August and I have been told over the last three months that the development team was working on fixing the problem. I will just have to wait and see if this one helps.

It has arrived!!

Got it a couple hours ago. Only issue has been hub_disconnected status on devices afterwards. They eventually go away, but that seems to make the new app not like that. Rebooting the hub did the trick.

I think this has crashed my hub. The majority of my switches are unresponsive along with my two doors.

What is the status for each device in the IDE?

The majority of devices that do not work are showing as online or active. My two door locks are offline and a couple of the water leak sensors are offline.

Interesting, I signed up for the beta and got an email yesterday saying the hub would be upgraded (26/11). I believe they go in steady waves and the hub should be updated soon. Is that the case?

I have the same problem, I have motion detectors and switch are not responding.

@Brent_Crotts and @Mdbashi - can you file BUG tickets in Centercode with the specifics of what isn’t working?

@xhemp We’re looking into why you haven’t received the update.

@mikejudy If the door contact sensors and motion sensors are still reporting contact/motion then the issue you described is unlikely to be related to hub firmware. The Arlo integration doesn’t use the hub so our team that monitors these hub beta threads unfortunately don’t know much about it.

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Still waiting on a password reset email to file a ticket in Centercode but haven’t received it yet. Not sure what the issue is there…

@xhemp I just synced the beta list, so you should be receiving the update shortly.

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Got it Thanks!

Thanks, Jon, just got it!

Since I have returned home, not sure what happened but thankfully everything is back operational but two zwave fan switches. I’ve always had problems with these two so I’m sure that they are unrelated to any updates. Thanks everyone!

Hey @tpmanley and @BarryA , submitted BUG-0065 this morning. Zigbee devices that were super stable going offline. Rejoining works for a short period of time. It’s only 2 devices right now, but one of then has needed to be rejoined twice already but keeps dropping.

Thanks @johnconstantelo for submitting the bug report. We will take a look.

No worries @BarryA, things have been calm the last several hours. Please enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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