Hub Firmware Beta 22.10


  • 0.22.10

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)

Release Date

  • Wednesday, June 13

Release Notes

  • Fix failure to generate dry events for some Z-Wave water sensors
  • Fix some Zigbee device attributes not always updating on join
  • Fix Z-Wave radio getting stuck nonfunctional

Ah that explains my false alert for a leak at 01:30 this morning :+1:

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I have the custom device handler installed for Intermatic PE653 Pool Control System
Prior to the last update I was able to control all my pool functions via Alexa excluding temperature control.

Since the update I can control the device via legacy Smartthings but not via Alexa. To be clear, Alexa learns the device via the Smartthings hub.

This hasn’t fixed the z wave radio issue

I’ve been having 1 or 2 osram A19 lights dropping off the network on a daily basis since 22.8. Only seems to be Osram, not LedVance, and not the same lights. It’s been a variety of tunable white and RGBW. I didn’t have this problem prior to 22.8. The Osram lights had been very reliable. I haven’t had any z-wave issues, but I only have z-wave switches, everything else is Zigbee.

I had an LedVance RGBW BR30 go off the network last night. I also had a unresponsive light show up that doesn’t exist. So far it has only taken a power cycle for the lights to reconnect.

I see the zwave water sensor bug is back? Receiving several alerts, yet the sensor I fine. Fox was zwave sensors, been fine until today.

My Foxx Project (rebranded Aeon Water Leak Sensor) both started sending false leak alerts in the last 2 weeks, my firmware is the latest stable release though.

SmartThings couldn’t see anything wrong so I ended up binning the two Z-Wave water leak sensors and replacing with SmartThings SmartSense ones.

Funnily enough, exactly same brand as mine which are also sending false alerts in the very early hours.

Not trying to imply anything, but generally smoke and other sensors will suffer from low battery false positives during the night simply because that’s when the temperature drops to its lowest. This causes batteries to appear as less charged, thus causing weird results (remember the general complaint of why do smoke sensors always run out of batteries at 2am?) Some water leak sensors (leaksmart for one) will issue a false positive when their batteries are low. Could that be it?


Hi Ady,

Both of my Foxx (rebadged Aeotec) leak sensors has fresh batteries (installed within the last 2 months, reporting 100%) - had the sensors in for approx a year and this was the first it happened.

Those Foxx sensors are all defective as far as I’m concerned. After a few months wet/dry invert themselves for no reason. Rather than throwing them away, I would cut off the probes and use them for something else more reliable like the SmartThings branded ones, I soldered the probes onto one. The only thing with the SmartThings water sensor is you can’t use them in a wet environment, to test for dry, because when wet the red LED light stays on. Which is a shame.

Agree on the Foxx sensors being ropey, my door window sensors also started randomly doing the same - they met the same fate of going into the bin!

I’ve got 2 Foxx water sensors to detect when something runs dry. I’ve had to exclude and re-add to the z-wave network a few times now, as they keep dropping off the network after a couple of weeks working, or they just stay permanently on ‘wet’ when they are actually dry.

Sounds like this is common, can anyone recommend any alternatives for a UK customer? I can’t seem to find anything else that can sense when something goes dry available in the UK