Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.17

For those who are part of the 0.25.x beta test, we are releasing new firmware:


  • 0.25.17

Hub Targets

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V3) (2018)

Release Date

  • 2/8/2019

Release Notes:

  • Z-Wave: Fix devices being marked offline before being marked online immediately
  • Poll Z-Wave metered switches for power after they change state
  • Clean up Wi-Fi state on connection repair

Does this fix jasco switches and dimmers (disconnected) in new app. They still work but display disconnect. Old app they are fine


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If you are seeing different device status between the Classic and new app, that is related to device health and would not be impacted by Hub firmware.


What’s the status of the Zen thermostat firmware update? Do I need to jump into the IDE and turn off OTA device updates before I get this?

These release notes are in addition to the release notes from the other 25.X beta thread right? I’m a little confused having two threads since 25.16 didn’t get its own thread.

We decided to start a new thread since the other one was getting really long.


The Zen thermostat will get a FW update with this release, FW V2.32. When we did the initial release of the Zen FW there was some feedback that the Zen thermostats that received the update were no longer controllable through SmartThings. Because of this we temporarily pulled the FW update until we could figure out the root cause of the issue that our users were experiencing. Thanks to the help of some amazing community members and our internal QA team we were able to determine that the errors seen were not actually caused by the Zen FW but actually a bug in some of our own beta hub FW that has since been resolved :slightly_smiling_face:


any idea what time today this is rolling out?

got it about 35 minutes ago


No sign of it here.

Hi, Is there a way to add Smrtthings Camera F-CAM-VF-1?

Are you in the UK? If so, read here: (note the V-Home Hub requirement)

If you’re not, then it doesn’t look like it.

You should get the update today.

Nothing here yet…

We verified that your hub is updated with 0.25.17. There seems to be a bug in the Graph IDE that causes some users’ information not to get updated. The cloud team is investigating.

I noticed that while doing a zwave repair, there are many messages logged as hub events with description zw device: 00, command: 3410, payload: 78 00

is this intentional?

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This is a bug we’ll have fixed in the next firmware release.

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@cbaumler, any plans to make the new iMagic motion sensors (they were the newest Iris device) local vs cloud in any of the 25.x releases?

Not that I know of.

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Yup, it is now reporting correctly, thank you!