Hub Firmware Beta 0.49.X Announcement

Hello, with 49.07 I notice synchronization problems with the Vimar devices. If I turn on and off from the app everything is ok, if I act as a physical button, the ON synchronizes very rarely, the OFF never. @pilone have the same problem with the same firmware.
Vimar is an Italian manufacturer and I haven’t seen anyone outside of Italy use them unfortunately. Therefore, problems with these devices are always difficult to solve

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Hi, @Diegocampy
Thank you for reaching out, @alissa.dornbos reported your issue, we’ll let you know once we get more info.

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There’s some approval process for beta program?

I report another problem: I can no longer use the virtual device creator [ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users - #1954 by Diegocampy

It seems that the initialization of the drive has some problem.

My understanding is that when they are about to start a new round of beta tests they process any outstanding applications and then build a list of hubs that will be in the tests. If there is any problem with the information you have provided they will let you know but they won’t check it again until the next round of tests.

To put it another way, if you applied for the beta programme in response to the 49.x announcement, I would expect you to be accepted around the time of the 50.x announcement and if all is well you will receive that firmware. However if there is a problem with the hub info e.g. mismatched username and hub, you might not get firmware until 51.x even if you fix it immediately. That is how it worked for me in the past.

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Hello All.

We will be releasing 49.8 today.

Updates to this build include:

  • Resolved delays in device creation and updates, after a hub comes back online.

All users who were part of 49 customer beta will be included in this additional update.

Thank you for your continued support.


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The random disconnections of my Vimar devices (and unfortunately not only) have started again. External access to my hub is on if you want to watch something. :person_shrugging:t2:

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Hey @Diegocampy We took a look at your logs. Thank you for providing them. We are curious to know if you are still seeing this issue? Is it still consistently occurring? If so, could you provide another set of logs while this occurs again.

Thank you again for your communication.

I can’t tell you @alissa.dornbos ,
If you ask for on or off state sync, it still doesn’t work. For disconnections
yesterday 7 devices were disconnected, today 5, but only some are the same as yesterday, some reconnected independently, some new ones disconnected. Disconnections: switch Vimar, switch (Cina), motion sensor osram, all device ZigBee, with different drive

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I see it has been announced that this beta will be the next officially released for everyone. If anyone is interested, as I had already written, the problems remained, indeed with the 49.8 version they even increased compared to the 49.7.
I decided to quit the beta program for this reason, at least that way I’ll get the problems when the others do, and not before :wink:


Hi @Diegocampy, thanks for providing the additional logs. We are continuing to investigate your issue with high priority. One additional data point - if you try re-adding the problematic devices, what is the result?

Dear @cbaumler Thanks for your interest. I have not added any problematic devices, as I have never deleted them. Disconnected devices are back online, however, others immediately disconnected and so on for days.
Now all is online from 24h.
The problem left is sync on or off if on or off by physical button.

Glad to hear your connection issues have resolved. Can you tell me the labels used for the devices that are not correctly reporting on and off when you change them manually?

unfortunately 3 Vimar devices (switches) are disconnected again.

All device nomnated Soffitto ______ and, Specchio Bagno, Piano Cucina, Luce fuori Garage, all my device Vimar Switch. No problem with all my switch not vimar. The same problem for other user in italy with the device Vimar.

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in your logs. Every time a device sends an on/off message I see a corresponding on/off event. However, a lot of the devices you mentioned seem to be using a custom driver, so I have no idea what the driver code is doing.

perhaps because 90% of my lights are switched on by app or by some rule, I rarely switch on and off from physical buttons on the wall. If you give me a space in time, I’ll try to do more switching on and off from the physical button on the wall. I am in time zone +1 (now +2 for daylight savings time)

Yes, that’s true, but I’ve noticed the same problems for both standard and community drives. Now I have 4 devices disconnected, all Vimar, and I don’t think the drive is responsible for the disconnections, but in any case 3 have custom drives, 1 has the standard Zigbee switch (Soffitto Studio)

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When those Vimar devices go offline, do you have to join them again to get them back or do they come back on their own?

Hello All.

We will be releasing 49.9 to V2/V3 Hub External beta participants shortly.

Updates to this build include an bug fix for:

  • where sleepy Z-Wave devices would miss preference updates do to configuration messages being sent when the devices are asleep.

Thank you


initially I immediately worried about reassociating them and sometimes they immediately associated themselves, sometimes I had to work hard, until I decided to leave them abandoned, and every now and then they come back online by themselves, and others are disconnected. In addition, alignment problems continue, which does not always update the on or off status.

Even with firmware 49.000009 in my house the problems remained the same unfortunately. now I have 4 devices disconnected, all Vimar.

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