Hub Firmware Beta 0.28.x

@posborne, so far after 36 hours I have seen two hubDisconnected messages, but I couldn’t relate it to any hubAction. I will try to dig more into the events, but possibly my internet was disconnecting for a few minutes at those occasions. Otherwise it looks good. All hubAction happened correctly. No issues experienced yet. I really like it.

@GSzabados Thanks for the update, glad to hear things are working well so far.


If you want, you can have a look on the logs from the hub, but I think it is working without any problem. I had during the past 24 hours 3 hubDisconnected message, but I cannot scroll back that much on the event logs to cross check with the cameras. I looked at the triggering devices only, and I haven’t seen any correlation. So must be the crapy internet provider only.
@posborne, thank you very much. I believe that the issue is fixed. Otherwise, I haven’t noticed any other issues. Indeed, I am quite surprised, that this release went this smoothly. Already almost a week and nobody has posted any issues here. (Knock on wood.) Both Zigbee and Zwave is working. The LAN connected devices are working too without any issues. So it works well. Thanks again for the help and work what you have put into this.

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