Hub Firmware Beta 0.26.x

That’s correct

This could theoretically happen with any Zigbee 3 device but we only saw it with a Leedarson bulb that isn’t available in the US or Europe at this time. The best way to exercise this code is by joining Zigbee 3 devices (like our latest generation SmartThing sensors) to a Hub v2 or v3. The issue can manifest even on hubs that don’t support Zigbee 3, like the Hub v2.

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Did that 5 times before I posted.

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Hmmm, I was lucky then :slight_smile:

Even rebooted my hub. I also noticed that any smartlighting rules with mirroring turn on after a hub reboot now :slight_smile:

And just now, after 1.5 hours… the hue bridge is back online and most of the lights.

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Is the ADT water sensor zigbee 3? I think i have a spare one of those in my stash i can test with.

Anyone else seeing hub disconnects every 10 min in Hub Events following the update?

Yes, I am seeing the hub disconnected in the event logs every 10 minutes

Would you be able to submit a bug report in centercode? If not I’ll do one tonight when I get home.

i had a quick one right after the update, but no disconnects since then

Reported it to one of the ST staff who contacted me about my hue lights

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And my last unavailable hue light just changed to online :slight_smile:

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The disconnected messages in the events log have stopped.

It’s not.

For those seeing the disconnect like clockwork every 10 minutes, that is a known issue. Someone smarter can provide more details.


Ok. Found a ST motion sensor on my stash I can test with.


Mine didn’t :frowning:

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Thanks for the update. Does it require intervention on individual hub? Should I open ticket? Or just wait?

I believe it will require a firmware change but I could be wrong.

The hub firmware team is aware of the issue but it doesn’t look like anyone has filed a bug in Centercode for it.

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Love it! If I show mine my wife will finally find out my addiction.

Unless it’s a coincidence with some other measure ST took, rebooting Hue Bridge seems to have stopped the ST hub disconnects.

UPDATE: rebooting Hue bridge only worked temporarily. :frowning_face:

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