Hub Firmware Beta 0.26.x

My hub has been rebooting every ten minutes. I just got home and check the events logs. I’m going to reboot my Hue Bridge and see if that stops it. If not, I’ll file a bug report.

That didn’t fix it. But, this isn’t a reboot. It happens in less than a 10th of a second.
But, it does happen every ten minutes!



Completely missed the 26.05 had rolled out. I’m guessing my hub updated 19 hours ago as that’s when my Hue bridge went offline. Didnt think much of it as I was busy with other things, started looking at it a couple hours ago and I’m still stuck here. Having tried everything from refreshing the status to checking the api webui and even removed my Hue from the ST setup only to re-add it and it going “offline” again after 6 seconds did I come to this thread …

So, yes. My Hue bridge is now showing as Offline. Or, more accurately,

DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus: offline

the actual Status is still Online, but I can’t control any of the Hue lights attached. In fact, after deleting and re-adding the bridge none of my Hue lights are even showing up.

What did you guys change, and when will it be fixed? I’ve been phasing out Hue bulbs anyway, but still have a few that are crucial to my setup.

Note to self: Check firmware beta announcements before removing config next time… argh

Side note: I wish you’d go back to email notifications before updating firmware like this. Would have saved me hours and a lot of hair…… :@

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It is also worth noting that Philips Hue started sending out firmware updates to the hue bridges in the past few days.

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What firmware version is your Hue Bridge on? I am on BSBO 02| 1932073040. Is your bridge online in ST, now? Mine is showing offline and the disconnects stopped, but the bulbs can be controlled from ST.

Same version as you. All my bridges are showing as online. I only had one that was unavailable for about 3 hours after the ST Hub was updated.

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Having issues with discovering my Hue Hub as well. And you are spot on regarding e-mail notifications.

ST team if you are reading this: Please give us e-mail notifications back I have had several issues and was not aware my hub firmware was updated, would have saved a lot of hours of troubleshooting and saved me from deleting all my Hue automations.

Did anyone get notice of this firmware beta in Centercode? I have stop seeing anything in Centercode about any of the recent beta updates and yet my Hub continues to get update only now I have no idea whats going on since I am not seeing anything via e-mail or in Centercode.

Any idea why I am not even seeing this firmware beta in centercode? As a matter of fact I haven’t seen anything in Centercode since hub firmware beta 25.x. And sorry if your are not the correct person, not sure who I should report that issue to.

Our robots missed a few of you when on-boarding into centercode for the new beta. We’ll have you sorted out soon!

Difficult to test anything with hub disconnecting every 10 minutes…
Is there a schedule for rolling out a fix?
(I also don’t have access in center code)

It would be nice for situations like this to be able to switch to a stable version. I am sure it would take a lot of pressure off the engineers too…

Ok thanks for confirming I thought it was strange.

Hub firmware 0.26.7 has been released for beta testing. Please refer to