Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.19

For those who are part of the 0.25.x beta test, we are releasing new firmware:


  • 0.25.19

Hub Targets

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V3) (2018)

Release Date

  • 2/22/2019

Release Notes:

  • Fix: Z-Wave sleepy devices were not being assigned a default wake up interval at join time. If you have added a sleepy device in the beta, the device was most likely not assigned a default wake up interval by the hub firmware at join time, however many DTHs do set the wake up interval in the configuration. The symptom of this issue is that the device may appear offline while reporting the events properly. Our suggestion would be that if you have added a sleepy Z-Wave device (i.e. sensors) during the beta, you should exclude the device and add the device again to ensure that there is a wake up interval set.
  • Fixed issues with Zigbee configuration persistence that manifested itself by setting the insecure rejoin and OTA configurations to default values.

Looks like I got it based on the hub logs:

But I probably need to reboot because the IDE still hasn’t updated: (had to reboot last time)


EDIT: a reboot did the trick. I’ll start checking things out after my next meeting.


If anyone else has this issue, we’d appreciate it if you could let us know prior to rebooting so that we can investigate.

Sorry for rebooting too fast!

if anybody else is using the new app, did you have to reboot the hub after the update to get devices to load their status? I had to do this with the first 25.X update and now this one.

I did not experience this. Hub updated and devices are showing status in STSC.

Anyone getting “Error Saving Page” when adding/removing devices from Alexa? (Classic app)

The device will successfully add/delete, but the SmartApp won’t let you Save.

More than likely a cloud issue, but it started happening a few minutes ago, right after my hub updated.

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I don’t think that’s a beta issue. I’m not on the beta (just enjoy following the conversation), but I had something similar happen today and yesterday when configuring smartapps in the classic app. Usually, I can wait a few seconds and try again and it works, assuming your issue is the same as mine.

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I’ve seen this before. I am not in the beta program.

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Yup, just checking. Adding a bunch of GE Zigbee Switches right now, and it’s annoying.

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Something I’ve been noticing for the past few weeks. The platform tends to run slow on weekend and times out a lot. Our mailboxes fill up on the weekend questions from users related to errors saving SmartApps, slow responses etc and things fix themselves on Monday.

Does ST do some heavy maintenance on weekends?

Hi @Kianoosh_Karami and @cbaumler,

My hub just removed a device I wasn’t targeting. It’s device ID 3F (Master Bedroom Shower Fan):

I was removing device ID 7C and eventually 6F. It did both, but then that’s when I noticed 3 devices instead of 2 were gone from my list, and then within less than a minute, a new device popped up called “Z-Wave Switch” (I’ve seen that odd behavior a while back if I remember right)

You can reference the times in the images provided. I’m about to add 2 more new zigbee switches back, so you’ll see those events too.

This is exactly the same thing I documented in BUG-0040 in Centercode.

Hey @cbaumler and @Kianoosh_Karami,

No matter what I do I’m not able to add that zwave switch back (that my removed on it own), It tries, and it will join, but it’s not controllable.

Something is really odd with joining this zwave device. Like I said above, it was working fine until the hub decided to remove it, and now it won’t add it back correctly.

Could this be related to the fix in the release note, and something not working right?

I went ahead and created BUG-0042 in Centercode.

Here it is:

It should look like this:

Based on logs output from the Radio, you had removed 5A, BD, 3F, 7C, 6F.

Did you re-add some devices that were already in the network? Based on the logs, it appears that you added 0B without excluding it first.

I actually removed 8 zwave switches and replaced them with 8 zigbee switches. The only switch I did not do myself was 3F.

Based on the radio logs, 4C is failing to receive any message from the hub. The join method went fine, the radio is failing to get an acknowledgement from the device that the message sent to it was received.

Right. 4C is the device I was trying to add back that the hub removed on its own. It use to be device ID 3F.

I wonder if some message corrupted over the air that something became 3F… But that would require us the checksum to pass which can happen but we have seen this very rarely.

Also, I have no idea what device ID 0B is. I exported my device ID list before I added the new switches and removed the old. I don’t have that ID.

EDIT: I’ve gone back as far as December 10, 2016, so it would have had to be a very old device I removed long, long ago.

I’m not sure. 3F was the original ID for years, at least since December 2016 when I started tracking ID’s.