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Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.18

I expect this is by design. @tonesto7

what a mess… new data limits that are not documented, not defined (and apparently changing), implemented without notice and without any ability to troubleshoot… is this the new approach to killing custom code?

This is EXACTLY why I am getting away from the cloud as fast as I can. You are completely at the whim of whomever controls the service and whatever changes they decide to make. This is a perfect example.

It looks like we forgot to update the DTH to enable local execution. We’ll get that change made shortly.

Edit: It turns out we intentionally left the DTH executing in the cloud. As of now, we don’t support local execution of multi-endpoint devices. So Fibaro Double Switch 2 ZW5 local execution should not have been part of the release notes. I’ve updated them accordingly. Sorry for the confusion.

Is Z-Wave Lock with Codes supposed to be local? I had been using just the Z-Wave Lock DTH, but noticed that it wasn’t able to write new codes to my Kwikset 914 Z-Wave Plus. Switching from the Z-Wave Lock to Z-Wave Lock with Codes DTH resolved the issue, but runs in the cloud.

If you’re referring to this DTH, then yes, it has the flag set to run locally.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking about, but it looks like your “Front Door Lock” which is running this DTH is indicating in the IDE that it’s running locally.

Yes, and when I try to program codes it doesn’t work (times out without the lock responding). I’ve been having to switch to the “Z-Wave Lock with Codes” DTH when I want to program codes, but then switch back to “Z-Wave Lock” to run locally.

I can confirm that the “Z-Wave Lock with Codes” DTH is not set to run locally. Adding local execution is not planned as part of this firmware release. However, you could add it as a suggestion in Centercode, and we’ll consider it for a future release.

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i thought “Z-wave lock with codes” was deprecated for “z-wave lock”? It isn’t listed in GitHub any more.

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It looks like “Z-Wave Lock with Codes” was intended for development use only. @swamplynx It also looks like “Z-Wave Lock” should allow you to program codes. Could you do me a favor and log your issue as a bug in Centercode so that we can track it? Then one of our engineers will investigate further.

Ok so is there something you can do the DTH in order for the second channel of the fibaro double switch 2 works on the ap?

@cbaumler or @Kianoosh_Karami,

This may not be a beta issue, so I thought I’d check with you guys first.

Today I was testing a leak sensor, and when I triggered it, SHM did what it was suppose to do. I was watching event logs and live logging in the IDE, and then all of a sudden I have a new location called “MyStatus” pop up. What gives?


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Do you happen to be using a Galaxy watch with SmartThings?

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Yup, sure am.

One of our engineers is looking into this. He may reach out to you.

I’ve been told the MyStatus location is created for the Galaxy watch. Unfortunately, I don’t know any more details. Definitely not related to the firmware beta.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Multi endpoint devices aren’t working in the new app for the Zooz double plug either.

Since 0.25.19 has now been released please use this thread for future comments: Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.19