Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.18

I power cycled the hub just now and I now see 000.025.00018.

and finally:


One of our engineers is looking into the Zigbee hub settings. Are there any V3 users experiencing the issue?


I’m on V3 and seeing the same thing

I have a V3 and if I understand correctly the test (enabling / disabling OTA and Unsecure Rejoin), it seems to work. Retrieving the setting matches with what I just clicked.

However, the link text is a poor choice of words:

Seems like this would be a better choice:

Allow OTA excluding lights
Allow OTA including lights


I think something else has changed in cloud (not sure if hub or not)

I’m finding lanStream events no long working it started in last 24 hours

lanStreamEvtHandler Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: bad character in base64 value @line 3917 (lanStreamEvtHandler)
java.lang.RuntimeException: bad character in base64 value @line 435 (lanEventHandler)

this in NST manager, when using streaming module, and selecting local lan streaming.

This is using

subscribe(location, null, lanStreamEvtHandler, [filterEvents:false])

This is happens specifically at the line:
def msg = parseLanMessage(evt?.description)

If I turn off lan streaming, it goes back to working.

Could it be the new data limits?

Did you reboot?

Yup, powered the hub down completely and brought it back up a minute later. Everything has been really good so far, except my August lock. I submitted a bug report for that. A every so often an automation is either missed or super slow, but then it works as expected the next time around. I’m keeping an eye out on that.

I can change the OTA and the unsecure rejoin, but if I power off and reboot the settings revert to disabled.

I’ve excluded some devices and I am not getting the confirmation in app that exclusion was successful, even though the device is removed.

And couldn’t get the replace to work, at all.

I submitted a bug report for zigbee settings resetting after reboot. Go upvote if you’re seeing the same issue.


@cbaumler and @Kianoosh_Karami,

Submitted BUG-0038 : August Pro Lock State Not Reporting but is Controllable

FWIW my August Pro is properly updating status when manually locked/unlocked.

@cbaumler and @Kianoosh_Karami

Submitted BUG-0040 : Zwave Exclusion Process Removed TWO devices instead of the one I was targeting

Is it on your v3 hub? Mine is on v2.

I have a v2 hub and the August locks are reporting status properly

V3 hub in my case

Ok, good to know. I may try excluding it and readding, but I just did that for another device and my hub removed 2 devices instead of 1. Now I can’t get the device included back. I’ll get that fixed before trying the lock.

V2 hub, August lock pro working fine: opening and closing manually updates SmartThings app without any delay.

Opening and closing lock in August app also SmartThings app status is updated.

Are you on the latest August lock firmware?

Here’s the August firmware I’m on: 1.59.0-1.12.6

Things for me have been pretty stable so far, especially considering the issues I just went through with Samsung accounts to clean up Classic/Connect app sync issues (still feeling those side effects). I submitted just a couple bug reports for 25.18, but overall it’s been good.

The August lock is really the only thing being inconsistent right now, but I’ll work that out. If they came out with a zigbee version, I’d use that in an instant.