Hub Firmware 25.x Beta

It’s wrong in the IDE and the phone (all phones and my tablet).

I’m thinking 25.17 introduced something because I don’t remember this with .15 or .16. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon from ST.


I just tried it with some zwave devices and do not see this. But I would like to ask you about battery reporting and your August smart lock pro.

Is the battery reporting in SmartThings accurate.

Mine states 100% battery and has not changed.

Does it always show 100% even when low or is it in fact reporting battery status?

Hi @professordave,

I have lithium batteries in mine, and i haven’t seen any change in a very long time. The August app doesn’t show battery level either that I’ve found.

Since you’re not having the same zwave issue, I’ll try rebooting…

I’m seeing the same thing with z-wave

I just tested with some ge switches and my August smartlock (though it is using my custom dth) and an not seeing any problems with status in the android classic app.

I just tried a reboot, and that didn’t help. Still word from ST, but it is the weekend…

hey @johnconstantelo and @Automated_House

I just took a look at your Networks, and things seem to be functioning. Can you DM me when this exhibits itself, hopefully I am around that I can take a look.

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Also, May I ask folks here that if you have new issues to report, use the 0.25.17 Thread instead of this one? Thanks for your help, means a lot to us.

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You bet. Check your PM in a minute. Still happening.

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To avoid confusion we’re going to close this topic. Please make additional comments on Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.17. Thanks!