Hub Down Over An Hour

Hub has been down for over an hour now. Anyone know of any issues? I saw I got an update a few hours ago but it already got that and rebooted.

What do the LED’s look like on your hub?

Flashing blue light. I have already tried unplugging it a couple of times. All of my other hubs and such are working, Hue, Ecobee, Alexa, etc.

Well DHCP leases are normally good for several days and that indicates a LAN issue… you may want to reboot your router and see if it doesn’t start provide addresses and if you have a PIhole on your network you may want to disable it.

Appreciate it. I doubt it’s the DHCP lease. The Hub is not connecting to the Samsung server. I suspect it is something on their end most likely. Wasn’t sure if others knew of any issues or not?

It just turned active so all seems to be well

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Glad to hear the hub is back online! However, if the LED was blinking blue that indicates a local connectivity issue rather than an issue reaching the ST servers.

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