Hub disconnects nearly every day, always shortly after 3 PM EDT

So I left my house for the Summer s couple of weeks ago. Ever since I left my Smartthings v2 hub disconnects from the internet almost every day at about the same time, shortly after 3 PM EDT. It reconnects in a few minutes so no real harm done but I am at a loss to figure out why this is happening. This has been going on every Summer for at least a couple of years. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

One odd thing I discovered when poking around is that when I use the IDE to ping the hub I get a message back that says:

The hub responded 72314042.101 seconds ago, on Thu Mar 04 20:49:00 UTC 2021

which seems very strange. I don’t know if it’s related to the regular disconnects.

Anyway I am mystified.

The ping seen in IDE was discontinued… yep, you can probably guess the date/time it was shut down. :slight_smile:

Legacy IDE is in the process of being shut down.

Have you investigated the possibility of it being an ISP issue? Or any set up at that location that could lead to the 3PM disconnect such as smart plug set to power off/on?

You may want to contact ST support on this issue and let them investigate.

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Ok thanks for explaining why the ping doesn’t work.

I’ve looked at the cable modem log and there’s no evidence of any ISP issues around the time that the hub disconnects. Nor are there any smart plugs involved.

The only semi-unusual thing about the hub setup is that it’s connected via Ethernet cable to a wireless eero node, so it’s not actually hardwired all the way to the modem. There’s a wireless hop in the middle.

But this doesn’t happen when I am at the house. Only when I leave for an extended trip.

It’s just so odd.

I will probably engage with SmartThings support eventually. I just thought I would try asking here first to see if anyone has ideas for things I could try before pestering support.

What sorts of things could happen every day at about the same time that would cause this?

One thing I thought of was perhaps it’s a DHCP lease expiring. So I gave the hub an IP address reservation in the eero settings so that the hub should never lose its address, but that didn’t help.

Check your router if has scheduled reboot. For example I have one every Sunday at 3:30am. It last minute or two.

Yours could be setup to do it every day

since you say it only happens when you are away and not when you are at home, do you ‘arm’ the hub away in alarm mode? if so then that might have something to do with it. see if you can remotely disarm and see if it still disconnects around that same time.

I’m not even sure what that means. The hub has an alarm mode?

My router is an eero and to my knowledge there’s no scheduled reboot capability. Good thought though. Thanks.

My router/modem does that sort of thing every twenty-four hours with its ‘external’ IP address, the time of day being dependent on when it last booted. However that just pauses things for a short period (seconds not minutes) and everything resumes.

It usually takes a few minutes lack of connectivity for a hub to be reported as disconnected.