Hub detailed view in the ST app changed

Not sure when this change occurred but I just noticed.

When you open your hub in the ST app:
Zigbee secure mode is no longer on the main screen
Device firmware updates is no longer on the main screen
Z-wave utilities is no longer listed in the More options menu (3 dots in the upper right)

All are now located in Settings in the More Options menu.

Again, others might have already noticed but wanted to let others who haven’t noticed (like myself) of the changes. Probably happened with the last app update.


I hadn’t noticed that.

Hope they add zigbee utilities to that section before the IDE goes away.

“Zwave utilities” has a specific meaning under the third party specification, so I’ve always assumed (perhaps erroneously) that that’s what that referred to. So Repair, Exclude, Join, etc

There’s nothing comparable in the Zigbee specification. What would you expect to see there?

The IDE zigbee utilities has the option to change the hubs channel. That option is not available in the app.

The other options are there.