Hub Deleted - Recover Options?

So, somehow my attempt to remove my Samsumg SmartThings hub from Samsung Connect resulted in my hub being deleted. Is there any recover option that one knows of, or have I just set myself back to zero?

I’m afraid I know the answer to the question… it’s beyond maddening that this was all an effort to get, you guessed it, a Samsung Smart TV to connect to… well, anything else I have bought from Samsung.

At this point I’m ready to just return it all all tell Samsung to pound sand. Two 70" TV’s, a 65" TV, and three 43" TV’s, a Samsung Hub, and a Galaxy S7.

You’d think with that set-up I’d actually be able to get it to work.

Maybe getting a Sony TV to work with a Wink hub won’t be such a ridiculous pain in the @**.

There is no back up or migration process of any kind. I save my all my automations in WebCoRE and pause the ones that are set up in Smart Lighting, then download a copy for storage. Of course it will only bring back your automations but one less thing to deal with. No one seems to have much luck with Samsung TV integration, probably be better of with a Harmony hub though. There is a recent thread where a Wink member was thinking of moving to SmartThings… :disappointed: So may just wanna rebuild

Yikes. I think you’re SOL. Should have waited a hair longer. The current hub firmware beta is supposed to fix Samsung devices connecting to SmartThings.

That was me :slight_smile:

@michicago I suspect you’re kidding about moving from ST to Wink but in case you’re not, consider the following. Wink has been very solid for me but it’s like home automation on training wheels. What it does, it does well but it’s very inflexible. Adding anything outside of the what I’d consider common switches, dimmers, sensors and thermostats, locks, etc., isn’t easy and in many cases, isn’t possible. Add the Harmony Hub to the list of things that aren’t supported with Wink. I think it’d be pretty hard to go from ST where you have tons of control, an open community and all of the resources that come with that community to limited control and only Wink support to fall back on when you have questions of when things turn to crap.

Don’t get me wrong; everyone I’ve dealt with at Wink has been very helpful but it can take forever to get an answer to even the simplest of questions. And many of the replies are canned “We don’t support that currently but I can add a feature request if you’d like”. Just send them an email with a simple question such as “when will the Harmony Hub be supported by Wink?” That should give you an idea of how long you might need to wait before getting a polite but essentially useless answer.

Half true. You still have to go into each piston and reselect each device for every occurence, unless you’re so lucky that you give them same name as before and they get the same address.

Yeah your right, never had to actually do it. I guess it would save some time

I actually wasn’t kidding at all, but may have to give it more thought. I’m beyond frustrated with the SmartThings implementation where it feels like things should be simple:

  • Can’t get a Samsung SmartTV to connect. The few times it does, it reports the wrong on/off status.

  • Half the lights I’ve attached don’t turn off on the first attempt, they fade to about 37%, need to be cycled again. Turning them on then only brings them up to 37%, then they need to be brightened again.

  • I tried getting around the issues with a Harmony Hub and find that wildly frustrating. It worked about 40% of the time; the other 60% it would miss one or more commands in an activity and offered no debug tools to sort it out. Then out of the blue it started controlling multiple Shield TV’s when an activity was launched for a specific one. Nothing like firing up the master bedroom TV when the wife is sleeping!

  • I bought 50 GE/Jasco dimmers under the impression they support double-tap features. And they do… but not from the add-on switches. That’s a cute little limitation they don’t make obvious until it’s too late.

Honestly I haven’t seem much better support from ST than you have from Wink, with the exception of when I’ve reached out for a specific issue. Months of threads with no real solution for TV integration… I’ve asked for help with the DTH I use for my light switches and it has been crickets… and a suggestion for integrating Plex was met with dead silence.

I’ll take some time to reconsider… but at this moment just very frustrated with how much time I’ve spent troubleshooting rudimentary functions in this environment.

Thanks Robin!

I already went through the exclusion process for everything, then re-added it, and rebuilt my pistons today. Not how I planned spending a day off work but at least it let me get it mostly done.

I had no idea Samsung Connect had that kind of power within SmartThings… I thought I was just removing the Connect application, which as far as I could tell added nothing to the capabilities of the system.

Wink has it’s own frustrations. I opened a support ticket on Jan 4th and still haven’t gotten a reply other than the “Thanks for contacting Wink” robo response. It’s not a critical issue but I’m not sure that would make the response time any shorter. Should it really take 11 days and counting to get an answer from support? And without the benefit of a public forum there are no other users to turn to for help and no way of knowing whether I’m the only one with this particular issue or whether it’s widespread.

Well I’m not the only one then :slight_smile:

I nuked my setup early last week messing around in the Connect app. So I took the opportunity to play around with some other stuff and finally took the Wink Hub 2 out and plugged it in. I was not impressed.

Anyways I spent a couple hours today/tonight adding my devices back to ST and re-installing DH’s and SmartApps. Oh well. I learned things about the other systems out there by playing with them during my “down-time”.