Starting over w/ Hub v3 later today

I’ve had nothing but issues when I transferred over to the new Samsung account and just want to start over. I did some messed up things and was confused in my IDE’s and stuff like WebCore and SimpliSafe don’t work anymore (I know this is due to non-support of devices handles with the new smart app).

I just want to delete all my locations, devices, and start over with Hub v3 that im receiving later today.

Any thoughts or recommendation on how I should handle in regards to new location, which app to use, etc…?

Thanks for any help.

Learn how to reset/exclude your devices. I am STILL trying to figure that out after a month. I have 5 more devices to add and I should be back to normal.

But, I did use it to basically reset and streamline everything. What I could use from Samsung, I did. Where other DTH and Apps made sense, I used them (like RBoy’s lock). I pre-installed custom DTHs BEFORE joining that device to the hub. It seems to pick the custom one over the default when you do it that way.

I started with the hub and then the various integrations (Amazon, Ecobee, Ring, Nest, Logitech, Harmony, Ranchio, IFTTT, Phillips Hue etc.). That got my cloud to cloud devices in.

Then, since I use the Zigbee ceiling fan modules, I did those next to get me a good base set of repeaters. Then I continued doing a particular device type (like Leviton switches and dimmers), then another, and I started with A/C powered devices since they are repeaters and finished all those and then went onto the battery devices.

Now, I am just screwing around with my detached garage.

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Oh, and if you can, print out a list of your apps, DTHs, and devices and take screen shots and print those out for anything you think you might forget.

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@vlad Is anybody keeping a list of DTH’s that work with the new app and ones that don’t? Is there a place on the forum where I can find that information?

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There is no place that I know of… But this is off-topic (unrelated to Hub V3)… So start a new Topic and folks will be able to help build the list.

In general, very rough estimate…

  • ~95% of custom DTH don’t work.
  • ~80% of standard published (auto installed) Devices work.

You can convert easily these into 95% of custom DTH that work… @eric182, do create a new topic for this. I am sure people will share solutions. The only one that I couldn’t get going in the new app is a HEM…

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That would (is???) HUGE! and definitely needs to be shared with the Community, please.

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