Hub Core Logging

I am looking to expose some logging to the core hub logs to make it easier for users to capture logs without needing the smartthings cli. If I log with this, where can the logs be found? They are no longer in the IDE.

log.debug_with({ hub_logs = true }, "some message")

Hi, @blueyetisoftware.
What do you mean by “core hub logs”, are you referring to the logs of a driver or the Hub’s internal processing?

I have seen the ST drivers and the ST firmware using logging statements like this to forward their driver logs to a centralized hub log:

log.debug_with({ hub_logs = true }, "some message")

In code there are comments like this:

#Forward all logs to hub-core for debugging

Where do these logs go when using hub_logs = true? Can users access this? I would like to allow users to read and capture logs without installing the CLI and being a command line expert.

AFAIK, that’s only for the engineers when investigating issues, those are the ones we request to send from the IDE (only pressing a button), those are uploaded to a server and only certain internal staff has access.
BTW, those wouldn’t help a lot to users since it requires a high level of expertise in the platform, they don’t have the same format as Edge drivers logs.


Thanks. I was looking for a good way for users to send me a log file. It would be a great feature if the platform could allow us to put a support email into our driver and allow the user to send us logs for the driver.

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