Hub cloud and light

Hub STH-ETH 250
Hub is offline. Removed power cord for 2 min.
Ran diagnostic test - hub isn’t connected to Cloud - Connection test failed. How do I resolve this?
And I see no light on the hub. where is it?

If you orient the hub looking at it flat on a table with the ports facing away from you the lights are on the side of teh hub facing you in the top left quadrant of the device (kind of toward the center)

They’re recessed in three little dents.

If the lights don’t come on when you plug it in you have either a bad power supply or a bad hub.

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Plugged it in to another outlet. No lights.
Changed batteries. No lights.
Before I buy a new hub, a couple of questions.
Will I have to reconnect all devices to the new hub, or will they be pulled from my account?
With the introduction of Matter, will that affect my purchase of a new hub? If so, how?

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You will have to reconnect everything. Sorry. Even when there WAS a hub migration tool it didn’t replace the need to exclude / join ZWave devices.

If you’re staying SmartThings then the wisest choice is the Aeotec SmartThings hub (rebranded v.3, Samsung got out of the SmartThings hardware market and pushed that to partners) it has all the ‘stuff’ to be Matter ready.

do you have another power cord of same voltage you can try?

doubt I have one

Is this it?

Yes it is (10 char)

Thats it, but… you can get one (used) MUCH cheaper on ebay.

Tangentially, do I have to ‘uninstall’ the old hub or is the Aeotech plug and play? I have no way to remove (I don’t know the ST magic word) a device from the hub? Do I need a new account?