Hub 2 dead

Came home last night and hub had no lights. Tried to reboot pulling batteries but no luck. Checked voltage on DC connector and seems ok. So now what? A new hub or repair is Certainly within my means but what is required to replace the hub. I pray I won’t have to reinstall everything 50 plus devices.

You probably will.

The Z-Wave world has a “transfer network to secondary controller” function, (or whatever it is called…), but I think SmartThings hasn’t implemented it. Be sure to clearly and firmly ask Support for this and any other hidden features (and share them with us).

ZigBee does not have any such function and you’ll have to rejoin everything.

Of course, just wait one more day, since we were promised a Hub to Hub Migration Tool … “by the end of the year”. Or perhaps that’s 366 more days… Yah… I guess I should stop hounding on this, but I consider it very irresponsible for SmartThings to have made this absolutely unqualified commitment on September 3rd – particularly since, myself, an outsider except for Community exposure, predicted that it was an overly ambitious goal with a high probability of failure; and also proposed that ST could instead focus on a “migration assistance tool” that would at least preserve your Device Names and SmartApps. :confounded:

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any news on your hub?

I had the same problem. try doing a zwave global exclusion ont the app. it work for me. after that the hub restart correctly.

I had a hub brick and fail to bring up its ethernet. That said - there were lights on the front, so it sounds like you may have bigger issues. In my case, recycling the power didn’t fix it, but then unplugging and re-plugging the ethernet for some reason caused its interface to come up. Notably, no way to just remotely reset the device in that situation…

Anyway, good luck- I feel your pain.