Hub Beta Firmware Announcement 0.44.6 -->now updated to 0.44.9

Could this fix the random spontaneous driver restarts I’ve been seeing?! @nayelyz

0.44.7 has now been deployed to the beta population.

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@posborne My hub is stuck in a loop: (feel free to access my hub)

started right after the update:

@alissa.dornbos, @johnconstantelo, @posborne

Mine also went into a loop with active and inactive, green and red light.
I thought it was the problem that happens from time to time and I turned off the hub for a few seconds.

I reconnected it and everything worked fine and I saw that it had the new firmware 44.7

Yup, as soon as I get home I do that too.

No loop on mine

Mine (Aeotec V3) updated about an hour ago.

No looping.

Hi, @Mariano_Colmenarejo.
So, after this, the loop stopped?

Mine started looping about an hour and a half before the update, but I figured that was just the standard daily hub crash so I power cycled not long after it started. Firmware update 1+ hour later came through with no issues.

Mine did stop at that last entry in the image I poste above, but I’m power cycling shortly just to be safe. I had 98 of those “hubStatus … Your SmartThings Hub at My Home is now active.” in less than 5 minutes!


Yes it working fine 1 hour after re-power on

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Has anyone experienced RAW events from devices? I’m getting events like this for a few days, so it’s not related to 44.7 but I’m wondering if it has to do with 44.6 or even any of my devices that were migrated to Edge:

raw:4A100004CF8CDF3C776315, dni:4A10, errorCode:00, ieee:04CF8CDF3C776315

That device (DNI 4A10) does not exist on my hub. It may have at one point in time, but I’ve cleaned up a lot of old devices and I don’t know how to track down this ghost zigbee device.

I’m thinking that it’s one of the very few Xiaomi devices I have, but all of them are online and working.

Yes, I also have them from time to time and since the beginning of edge.

I think they are like the zigbee rejoint that was seen with the DTH. Sometimes even new dni were created.

It happens to me in devices that connect through repeaters and sometimes they lose the repeater or change repeaters and reconnect again.

This is because I investigated it when all this information was visible in the IDE and now the events are in the same devices.

raw:073E00286D97000108F5BE, dni:073E, errorCode:00, ieee:286D97000108F5BE

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EDIT: A long power down and now it seems to be working.

I can no longer connect to my hub from the CLI (even after rebooting the hub) ``` smartthings.exe edge:drivers:logcat --hub-address=192.168.1.xx --all connecting... failed Error: Request failed with status code 403 ```

Just tested mine, and I am able to connect to my V3 hub from the CLI.

@posborne @cbaumler abd/or @alissa.dornbos I noticed that remains conditions for the Rules API now run local. Is that change part of this hub firmware or was it separate?


@Automated_House I checked with the team to confirm; remains itself has been enabled to hubs back to 0.40+ (may have been enabled for those a bit after the initial release) so that isn’t new, though it should definitely be supported in 0.44 as well.

With 0.44, “remains”, “was”, and “changes” rules should not preclude a rule from executing locally (kind of a backwards sentence, but I think an accurate way of describing how that works). As a reminder, in order for a rule that already exists to migrate to local, it will need to be “saved” again in the app for it to move if eligible. When we move to general release, we’ll look to include some notes around the current state of local rule execution eligibility as of the release.


Thanks for the info Paul and look forward to the full details on local rules.

Hub Firmware 0.44.9 Beta

Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce the start of a new SmartThings Hub Firmware Beta. Version 0.44.9 was rolled out today, Aug 16, 2022. See below for more specific details about the update.


  • 0.44.9

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub v3)

Release Date

  • Release Date: Aug 16, 2022

Help Us Help You

As part of our Beta program, it is important for our support team to investigate logs from Hubs running that are reporting errors. To provide our team access, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to SmartThings Web (
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select the Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and choose Confirm

Release Notes

  • Add recovery mechanisms for degraded system performance

Edge Drivers

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing from timing out
  • APIs that would previously crash the driver when timing out will now gracefully time out with a more helpful error message
  • Addressed a memory leak when using the tcp/udp sockets


Anyone who participated in the previous beta is automatically signed up for this one.

If you’d like to participate in the beta, but haven’t taken the survey yet: Sign Up Here

If you’d like to opt-out, update your preferences via the Account Settings menu item in Centercode