Hub firmware beta 44.9?

Did anyone else on the firmware beta get version 44.9 today around 11:30am EST? I know I had a few tickets open with ST, so maybe they pushed an update to my hub before publishing a post? Just curious, @nayelyz would you know?

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I have 44.9… 11:34am

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Hi @johnconstantelo, 0.44.9 was rolled out to the beta participants this morning. We’ll have release notes up shortly. Sorry for the confusion.


No worries, thanks @cbaumler !

here for me 44.09 came out and now the automations with time in Se run local… ex: if it doesn’t detect movement for 2 minutes… before when I put time it was cloud and after that up it became local. But it only changed after I edited one and saved

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That actually came with 44.7