Hub behavior when rebooting?

Yesterday I had to reboot my hub for the first time since I turned it on 7 weeks ago. After rebooting, all light switches and outlets within my visual range when active. All lights that were on turned off and then back on. Anything that was off turned on and then back off.

Is this a normal part of a reboot, perhaps a system check of some sort?

My wife didn’t know I was rebooting the hub. She laughed, thinking my home automation went SkyNet on me.

Anyway, there were not any missed automations that were queued up or anything like that. It wasn’t a big deal, but I don’t know if this is normal.


I’ve never seen this before. That said, though, after last night’s reboot of my hub it decided it would be a good idea to open both of my garage doors.

Glad I cheated on my diet and headed out to the garage freezer for that ice cream… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting that you say that. I don’t have anything setup to open my garage doors but I thought that they might have opened had I been setup for that. I’d concider opening a garage door when I’m not expecting it to be more concerning that cylcing the lights.

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It’s the new feature that was deployed yesterday. Your hub was really telling you that is time for a jog :wink:

UPDATE: just did a power reboot and sure enough, my garage door opened!


Now I am SUPER glad I don’t have a Hub V2.

That behavior is unacceptable.

A Hub reboot MUST NOT INITIATE ANY DEVICE COMMANDS EVER!!! :confounded: :angry: :anguished: W.T.F.?!?

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My decision to stick with v1 hub looks like the right one. I haven’t had many issues at all the last few months and it’s been more stable compared to 6 months ago.

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Mine did not do this when I rebooted my hub.

Oh, I’m quite certain it is inconsistent and non-deterministic. But still very bad.

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My garage opened because a routine was pending since my wife came home and her presence triggered it. The hub actually did whatt it supposed to when it regained power, cannot blame ST.

I sure can blame ST and will…

There are many ways to resolve this serious condition and must be considered:

  1. Triggered actions need to have a reasonable expiration if they cannot be triggered immediately.

  2. If the platform has had an outage of any significant period of time, the validity of triggers needs to be questioned. This certainly is a complex situation; though probably it is most common with Presence based triggers. There has got to be some way of determining that the “Presence Change Event” is not meaningful as a trigger in this circumstance.

Gosh darnit, I don’t want to have to think of the solution or implications of this. It’s bad, bad, bad.

I guess the easiest thing: Do not use presence state change events to trigger any substantial Actions!

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The last 2 days when I got home and rebooted my hub, it had a pending mode change to run as well as other rules.

It ran everything pending.

I have 2 Sonos notifications (one for Welcome Home Brian and one to tell me I changed mode) and they both played almost on top of each other.

Glad I don’t have the presence sensor tied to anything serious (no garage here).

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Presence triggered actions are not for the weak of heart in ST universe, that’s for sure. Sorry @smart, no pun intended. :wink: But using it is known to make people go bunkers on the forum…

Every darn thing is working as usual, buddy! So you own the poltergeist again!

My GE bulbs turn on and off after reboot. I also noticed that some of my GE switches do the same thing

Neh, I exorcisied the poltergeist. Well, once in a while it pops up but I stick a pen in its behind like yesterday and everything returns to normal within minutes. Glad to hear yours is gone too.

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That’s electronics cruelty! :wink: you cannot poke a hub! :slight_smile:

I have got too involved in politics these days… And twitterering like a teen/tween! :wink: please please let me know if something interesting happens,

Well, that’s freakin’ scary.

Guess I’m going to have to go for ice cream more often…

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I noticed this a couple weeks ago. When things started acting funny, I hard rebooted the hub. I then noticed that my humidifier (connected to an external GE zwave switch), and my display case lights (connected to an in-wall GE switch), both came on.

They did not appear to be ready to shut off on their own. My humidifier is a simple warm-mist one that has a heating element. I’m not sure what would happen if it ran dry, but I don’t want to find out. I now manually turn off the humidifier when I leave the house.

old thread… ( in know).

But relevant to my issue. Was curious if anyone else still experiences this type of issue?
I moved a zwave repeater from inside the house to the garage to extend my zigbee range (this is the iris smart plug).
Afterwards I attempted 3x to repair the Z-wave network, which kept throwing errors/failures on the repair. So initiated a reboot of the hub.

Once the hub came back online I saw a message of my arrival sensor thinking it just got back home (vehicle was sitting in the garage, unmoved). This in turn triggered the smartapp to open the garage. I wasn’t home at the time, so got a little freaked out that my garage is now open. I was able to close it, but GESH SmartThings, why are you allowing commands to be triggered from a reboot?

Lastly, I did a 4th Z-wave repair, which succeeded.